Monitoring Server Core from the command line

A server running a Server Core installation of Windows Server 2008 could behave flaky from time to time. Monitoring it gives clues towards this behavior and/or provides insight in why it behaves flaky. I've taken a closer look at monitoring Server Core boxes from the command line and want to share my experiences with you … Continue reading "Monitoring Server Core from the command line"

Remotely managing your Server Core using RSAT

A little while ago I showed you how to perform some of the common management tasks on your Server Core installation using the Microsoft Management Console Snap-Ins, available through Computer Management (compmgmt.msc). Last week I showed you how to install Server Roles and Features on top of your Server Core installation. This time I want … Continue reading "Remotely managing your Server Core using RSAT"

For beta or for worse

I've been beta testing a lot of unfinished software products in the past years. Not surprisingly most of these were Microsoft products. (and mostly unknowingly also many products from other vendors…) Let's dive into the world of alphas, betas, release candidates and other test versions, because I suspect seemingly more people using beta software isn't … Continue reading "For beta or for worse"

Upgrading your Active Directory to Windows Server 2008

Last time we discussed how to transition your Active Directory to Windows Server 2008, which was something a lot of you were interested in. This time I'm talking in-place upgrading Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 Domain Controllers to Windows Server 2008 Domain Controllers.