Silence on the blog, recommendation for a place to visit in Poland

Last few days were completely quiet here mainly because this was one of those rare times (when You are working in IT) when I was on short holidays. I have a chance to meet with my friend Evan (DS MVP) here in Poland. We had a great time here together with my friends, and I had … Continue reading "Silence on the blog, recommendation for a place to visit in Poland"

Changed permissions on your %windir%

On the second Tuesday of the month Microsoft introduces updates for it's products. As a system administrator you might keep distance from it the first week because of all the bad things that could happen to your systems. When you have changed permissions on the WinNT and Windows directories of your servers and workstations this should … Continue reading "Changed permissions on your %windir%"

File Server Migration Toolkit

Migrating a File server is not a difficult task, but for some reason people think this is impossible within a production environment without impact and without cost. With Microsoft's File Server Migration Toolkit migration is a breeze, but it may not be the tool you want to use. I'll explain how to use the File Server Migration … Continue reading "File Server Migration Toolkit"