NTFRS Depricated with Windows Server 2012

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Microsoft has now officially deprecated FRS for Active Directory's use of it for SysVol replication.  That doesn't mean it still isn't supported and it isn't going away anytime soon but it has been reported that the next major release will be the last to support FRS replication and that o/s will probably be shipped sometime in 2015.

Ned Pyle has a great Blog on this in the link below:

No need to worry if you are running FRS right now, as a matter of fact you might not even realize that you are.  If you have a domain that you have upgraded since Windows Server 2003 or earlier then you most likely are still running FRS.  As of Windows 2008 GA DFSR became the new replication standard for Active Directory for new domain builds.

There is a migration tool that is available that helps guide you through the process, but PLEASE test out in a lab before you apply in production.  Otherwise your production environment is just another test lab.

FRS to DFSR Migration Tool

Best of Luck