Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 (Build 9926) is now available

Earlier today, Microsoft released a new preview for Windows 10, codenamed Technical Preview 2 and wearing build number 9926 (in proud lime green on navy blue, oh wait…)


Windows 10 Technical Preview 2

You can download the Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 ISO files or install the Windows 10 Technical Preview update from the Windows Insiders website.


To upgradee a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 installation to Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 (build 9926), you need to use a virtual machine or device with the minimum specifications for Windows 8.1. Next, join the Windows Insider Program (free) and click the purple Start upgrade now button here.

Iso files

Alternatively, you can download the English (United States) ISO (*.iso) files from the Windows Insiders website:

  • Windows 10 Technical Preview (x64)
    Download (3.92 GB) Windows10_TechnicalPreview_x64_EN-US_9926.iso
  • Windows 10 Technical Preview (x86)
    Download (3.01 GB) Windows10_TechnicalPreview_x32_EN-US_9926.iso

The *.iso files are available for download in another twenty-one languages, including Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, English (United Kingdom), French, French (Canadian), German, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.
Click here.

Vietnamese, Catalan and Hindi are also available as languages for Windows 10 Technical Preview 2, but only as Language Interface Pack. Download and install the EN-US ISO (*.iso) file and then download and install the language of your choice.


When you’re already running Windows 10 preview on a device, you can update is to Technical Preview 2 seamlessly. Open the PC settings, head to Update and recovery and then select Preview builds in the left pane. The option to update to the Technical Preview 2 build is available there, regardless whether you’ve joined the slow ring or the fast ring, but as long as you have KB3025380 installed on it. Hit the Download now button to start the update.


Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview 2

Although not directly available for Windows Insiders, ISO (*.iso) files for the Enterprise Edition of Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 was also released to MSDN subscribers in the same languages as described above and for both 64bit and 32bit architectures.




You can now download Windows 10 Technical Preview 2.

Have fun!

Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones is coming in February.

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    After adding my windows10 PC in domain, start button is not working.but the local user able to open the start menu.
    I check GPO policy's not even a single policy applied for related to start button


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