Pictures of WinDays 16 in Porec, Croatia

I’ve spent the last few days in the beautiful Istrian coast city of Poreč in Croatia (also known as Parenzo in Italian) with my Balkan friends and community members for the WinDays 16 event. I was a speaker for WinDays XV in 2015 in Umag and was really looking forward to this event as it is just a wonderful event in beautiful locations with fantastic speakers.

The venue this year for WinDays was the Valamar Isabella Island Resort on Sveti Nikola Island off the coast of Poreč, looking out over the Adriatic See on one side and of Poreč from the other side. I drove with Romeo Mlinar and Aleksandar Nikolic from Zagreb to Poreč and was just amazed with the views, the castle from 1887 and the lighthouse dating back to 1403:

View on the Porec Palazzo (click for larger photo, shot by Aleksandar Nikolic)
The Valamar Infinity Pool (click for larger photo)The Castle on Sveti Nikola Island (click for larger photo)
The Valamar Isabelle Island Resort (click for larger photo)

We didn’t have much time, because roughly the moment we got off the ferry, Microsoft released Windows Server 2016 Technology Preview 5. Needless to say, Aleksandar and I went to our room, downloaded the bits and started incorporating the new build in our Windows presentations…

The lighthouse on Sveti Nikola Island (click for larger photo)WinDays 16 Speaker Badge (click for larger photo)The Castle on Sveti Nikola Island (click for larger photo)

The first presentation on the schedule was the 9:30 AM 45-minute session in room Momenti 4 on ‘Hybrid Identity in 4 steps with Azure AD Connect’:

Hybrid Identity in 4 steps Title Slide (click for larger photo)
Explaining how we came to have Azure AD Connect (click for larger photo)Posing for a new Speaker Avatar (click for larger photo)

This was the session before the WinDays Technology Keynote, so we stayed in the room while it filled with the roughly 1000 attendees.

We enjoyed some more sessions, before we went back to the hotel to relax a bit and make the final tweaks to Aleksandar’s 9:30 AM session on Friday and my 12:15 PM session.

At 12:15 it was time for my introduction session to Azure Active Directory for Active Directory admins. The WinDays organizers asked me to deliver this session, and asked me to condense it to 30 minutes, so they could fit it in the prestigious Castle 6 room.

View from outside on Castle 6 (click for larger photo, courtesy of WinDays Event)Presenting on Azure AD Connect's Express Settings (click for larger photo, courtesy of WinDays Event)

Room Castle 6 was an awesome and intimate room with nice chandeliers, an impressive mirror and only 50 seats, for those who made it in time to grab one.

I explained how to embrace Azure Active Directory from an on-premises point of view, achieving Single Sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication with ease, as well as embracing Active Directory from the cloud using the Operations Management Suite (OMS) with its assessments and incredibly rich monitoring and reporting capabilities.

After our sessions, it was time for some leisure, so Aleksandar and I decided to take a swim in the hotel pool.

Swimmer Speakers (photo by Romeo Mlinar)

I enjoyed my time in Croatia and would like to thank all of you who attended my sessions. It’s back to work for me, but the memories of these last two weeks will stay with me for a long time.

Thank you! Glimlach

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