I'm an organizer of Ngi-NGN's Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 event

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Regular readers know I’ve been associated with the Dutch Networking User Group (Ngi-NGN) for almost seven years now. I’ve been speaking at their events, been a regular at their planning meetings and have helped others achieve the same goal as their Speaker Coach in the past.


About Ngi-NGN

Ngi-NGNNgi-NGN is the organization that was created when the Dutch Networking User Group and Ngi merged into the independent Platform for Dutch IT Professionals and IT Managers. It offers its members to keep up with market trends, to deepen knowledge and maintain a professional network.

The last months, a couple of people associated with Ngi-NGN have been planning a Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows Server 2016 event for this autumn. Jeff Wouters, Erwin Derksen, Alex Warmerdam, Tom Dalderup, Raymond Comvalius and me were the people involved in these meetings and we’ve come up with a nice approach to the more traditional IT events you might experience in the Netherlands.


Ngi-NGNs Windows-as-a-Service Event

On Thursday October 27 2016, Ngi-NGN organizes an event that will bring its attendees up to date with Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure and how their technologies can help organizations.

The keynote is planned for 10:55 AM, instead of 9 AM, because the first change every event brings to the agenda is to start later to allow for traffic delays. By starting later, we already account for that. Now, I’m sure attendees will love to be there on time, because the keynote features Ancilla van de Leest, talking about the politics of privacy as the front runner of the Dutch Pirate Party, but also a former Playboy model. Knipogende emoticon

After the keynote, attendees can get up to date in three different tracks. This is nothing special, but the sessions in the tracks offer independent technical information from the field, right next to information from Microsoft engineers and information from business consultants.

The closing keynote features a panel discussion with a new innovative way to get your questions answered. Of course, this method ensures the privacy of the attendees…

After that we’re having dinner. Not just a speakers dinner, like you’d see with other events, but a dinner for every attendee who chooses to join it. Of course, we’re not serving fast food. Since we chose the Postillion Hotel Dutch as our location, we’re getting served good healthy food.

Because of the dinner, attendees will drive home after the usual traffic jams, profiting again from an organization that just gets it.


My presentation

I’ll be delivering a 40-minute session on licensing in the business track.
I’ll specifically focus on recent changes in Microsoft Volume Licensing, the choices Microsoft Volume Licensing has to offer and how these choices enable or disable organizations reaching their day-to-day, but also strategic goals.

Now, you'd might think that I'll present a session that is out of my comfort zone, but that's not entirely true. In recent years I have passed Microsoft's exams on licensing (70-671 and 70-672) and have helped many organizations make choices in licensing that have helped them.


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