Pictures of Experts Live 2016

Last week, I delivered two sessions together with Raymond Comvalius at Experts Live 2016 at Cinemec in Ede, the Netherlands.

In the morning, we delivered a session on Azure AD Join and Domain Join ++, where we tried to answer the questions that everyone looking at the solution and experiencing it, would be afraid to ask.

Azure Domain Join Deep Dive, Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask... (click for larger photo)
Questions!? (click for larger photo)Presenting together (click for larger photo)

That provided to be a fun way to approach the topic, because people started asking us questions and we had some interesting discussions.

Nice! Questions! :-) (click for larger photo)
Why should you care? (click for larger photo)Leveraging current investments (click for larger photo)
The Four ways to Azure AD Join (click for larger photo)
Go Hybrid! (click for larger photo)

Then, in the afternoon, we talked about the ten most common mistakes we see people make with Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and how to avoid and remediate them.

Presenting together (click for larger photo)
Raymond (click for larger photo)
Please don't (click for larger photo)

Although this session is one we’ve delivered quite often, we have to restrain ourselves from laughing out loud every time we tell about the situations we’ve encountered or that have been shared with us.

Really!? Customers do that? (click for larger photo)

Good fun! Glimlach

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