Pictures of the WMUG Christmas Event

Last Tuesday, Raymond and I presented at the Christmas Event for the Dutch Windows Management User Group (WMUG).

After my day job Hardop lachen, I drove to Almkerk. Luckily, my satnav knew exactly where to direct me to get to the Hollywoud Cinema there, because it is just slightly out of the middle of nowhere…

HollyWoud (Picture provided by Google Streetview)

Of course, having ample room in the Netherlands means there’s sufficient room to park a car, etc. There’s a benefit to every negative situation, as the late Johan Cruijff would have said.

We were welcomed by the staff and sat down in the lobby downstairs, enjoying a coffee and some sweet pastries, all sponsored by PROXSYS.

"Zaal 4" of Hollywoud (click for larger photo, by WMUG)

Around 3:15 PM, Peter Daalmans and Erik Loef kicked off the event. After that, Raymond connected his device to the beamer, while I started introducing ourselves and the session.

Off we went! Glimlach

Intro (Click for larger photo, by Lucas Janssen)Apple devices and their costs within IBM (Click for larger photo by WMUG)
Raymond explaining in Dutch why and how we did things (click for larger photo, by WMUG)

After our session, diner was served. Savision kicked off the second part of the program. Then, Dieter Wijckmans provided a session on OMS. After these presentations, a couple of us sat in on Hacksaw Ridge, an impressive Mel Gibson movie, based on the story of Desmond Doss as a medic during WW2. Since Hollywoud is a full-service cinema, we enjoyed some food and drinks during the movie.

I feel we transferred a wide array of knowledge in the field of device management to the WMUG audience that night and the feedback Raymond and I received was an excellent measure for that.

I enjoyed myself! Glimlach


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