Pictures of the iSense Hybrid Identity night

Last Thursday evening, I delivered two one-hour presentations for the Hybrid Identity evening, hosted by iSense.

After my Thursday day-to-day activities in The Hague, I drove to Gouda. Pretty fast, the satnav pointed me to smaller roads to avoid heavy traffic on the A12 highway, making me arrive on time (meaning an hour early).

IsenseI did a video interview where Koen de Vries, event manager at iSense Netherlands asked me a handful of questions and I answered them. We only needed one take, so I guess my appearance was sufficient. Knipogende emoticon

After a genuinely awesome meal, I headed upstairs to prepare my demos and the crowd joined me.

The stage awaits! (click for larger photo)Smiling (Click for larger photo by Matthijs Kempers)

Whoever said that I wouldn’t have massive audiences and wouldn’t be able to make audiences laugh by presenting on identity, was wrong. This event was filled up.

iSense people, with Koen de Vries in front (click for larger photo)

We started a little later than planned, so I showed the twister mat for Azure AD authentication scenarios a little after eight ‘o clock. Of course, having people stretch their legs is as good as any excuse to go into a small break.

The Azure AD Authenication Scenarios Twister Mat (click for larger photo, by Jeff Wouters)

After the break we discussed Azure Multi-Factor Authentication and I shared the common do’s and don’ts when implementing the technologies showed.

We did a little quiz using PresentersWall at the end to give away the same box filled with wine to one of the attendees. Luckily, after three questions (out of five) one attendee remained, so noone had to fight over it.

Nice box of wine (click for larger photo)

I was willing to share the box of wine that was reserved for me (pun intended, since it was filled with Spanish wines), but this wasn’t necessary.

After the event we enjoyed drinks. I left with the organizers as we turned off the lights in the building.

I enjoyed myself and will certainly return, when they ask me. Glimlach


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