Pictures of CSN Academy 2017

I was invited to co-present with my colleague Carlo Schaeffer at CSN Group’s CSN Academy 2017 event at the campus of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) in Zeist, the Netherlands.

I arrived on time at the venue, to enjoy the lunch and Frank Smilda’s keynote on cyber security.

Entrance of the CSN Academy event (click for larger photo)
Lunch in the lobby at the KNVB Campus (click for larger photo by Carlo Schaeffer)
Keynote by a cop in uniform. Like! (click for larger photo)

Then, after the inspiring keynote, it was time to shine for Carlo and me in room 4.

We were scheduled for a 45-minute session on Identity and Access Management (IAM) with Microsoft in the cloud and decided to make it part inspiring and part technical. Of course, the technical part was where I came in.

Quiet before the storm ;-) (click for larger photo)Carlo Schaeffer kicking it off! (click for larger photo)Scary statistics, but don't worry. We have solutions. (click for larger photo)Counting to Five with a potential customer... 2 AD FS Servers, 2 Web App Proxies and an Azure AD Connect box. Yep, that's a lot of iron (click for larger photo by Carlo Schaeffer)Conditional Access requires Azure AD Premium. I know, right!? (click for larger photo by Carlo Shaeffer) 

After session we had talks with potential customers coming up to us with questions on deploying and managing Azure, Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. Next week, we’ll be following up with them to see how we can make them happy with Hybrid Identity.

A big shout-out to CSN Group for this wonderful event and our audience.
Thank you! Glimlach

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