Pictures of the iSense Security Summit

Yesterday, iSense ICT Professionals organized the first of their monthly summits. Together with Jeff Wouters, Raymond Comvalius, Adnan Hendricks, Edwin van Andel, Ancilla van de Leest and others, we put on quite a show for the attendees, even including colleagues and former colleagues.

I left my customer for that day at around 2PM and arrived at iSense in Gouda at around 3PM. It didn’t take me long to find the other speakers.

Posing for the camera at iSense before the event (Photo courtesy of iSense)

It was still a bit quiet then, but most of the attendees flocked together in the next 30 minutes, just in time for Jeff’s session on Just Enough & Just In Time Administration.

Jeff about to start! (photo courtesy of iSense)
Jeff being interviewed by Ancila (click for larger photo)

After his session, Jeff was interviewed by Ancilla and the audience had ample time to ask questions on PowerShell. Ray and I plugged in, and started our talk on Shielded Virtual Machines in Windows Server 2016.

Talking about BitLocker as a 'solution'... (picture by Adnan Hendricks)Presenting (Picture by Marc Westerink)
Ray presenting (click for larger photo)Ray presenting to the rest of the audience (click for larger photo)

After our session, everyone had dinner. iSense hired the people from Grill’nSmoke BBQ to cater for us and their food is just delicious.

BBQ! (Picture by iSense ICT Professionals)

After dinner, Edwin van Andel from Zerocopter provided a session on why we need to hug hackers, by setting up and communicating a responsible disclosure policy as an organization, while Adnan showed people Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service to 16 people downstairs..

We won a bottle of Club-Mate each, because we were interacting with Edwin.

Club-Mate. Cheers! (click for larger photo)

Cheers! Duim omhoog

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    Thanks for the great sessions yesterday!

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