Pictures of Microsoft Ignite 2017

Last week, Microsoft organized its yearly Ignite event in Orlando, Florida. Over 25,000 attendees enjoyed five days of sessions, four days of expo, three bags of swag, two nights of fun and one big keynote.

The weather was really nice. We enjoyed the sun and 30+ degrees (Celsius, that is) temperatures for the time Ignite ran. On Friday afternoon, clouds took over the skies, but that only seemed fitting.

The Orlando Hyatt Regency (click for larger photo)The West Wing of the Orange County Convention Center (click for larger photo)
Ignite at the Orange County Convention Center (click for larger photo)The Orlando Hyatt Regency between the trees (click for larger photo)

As part of Ignite, I presented a 20-minute theater session at Expo Theater 4 on the four common mistakes we see organization make when it comes to Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and Hybrid Identity. I attended a session previously at this theater and had a good feeling about the stage, the screen and the acoustics. It was neatly located at the back of the Expo area and had toilets and a bar besides it.

This is me, presenting (picture by Elias Mereb)

Over a thousand people subscribed to my presentation. They didn’t all show up, but those who did created a nice and engaging crowd. While I’d anticipated some people joining us after their restroom visits, all people remained at the session once I began.

Now listen up (picture by Raymond Comvalius)
From the (Dutch) Fields (picture by Elias Mereb)AD FS is only as good as your AD DS (photo by Raymond Comvalius)
Looking at my slides (photo by Raymond Comvalius)Putting it in perspective (photo by Elias Mereb)Leaning in (photo by Raymond Comvalius)
It s a wonderful World (photo by Elias Mereb)The right AD FS Infrastructure (photo by Elias Mereb)

After the session, I talked to a dozen people with further questions, stories of their Hybrid Identity journeys and even a gift. I answered the questions to the best of my knowledge, while the next presentation was on.

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