Join me for Lowlands Unite! Belgium Edition

Next week, on Thursday October 19, 2017, I’ll be delivering a 60-minute session on achieving productivity without an on-premises infrastructure at Lowlands Unite! Belgium Edition.


About Lowlands Unite!

Lowlands Unite! Belgium Edition

Lowlands Unite! is the joint event by the Dutch Windows Management User Group (WMUG) and the System Center User Group (SCUG) Belgium. As you might have learned in school, the two countries are often referred to as the low lands (in terms of sea level, not mood). The Dutch WMUG organized the first of the two full-day events and now it’s time for SCUG Belgium to show their worth.

For the location, SCUG choose the Lamot Conference and Heritage Center, a multi-functional and integrated event location, situated at the waterside in the historic city center of Mechelen. We’re turning this inspiring location into an excellent event location for October 19, 2017, with tasty food, great drinks, and, of course, excellent sessions.

The ten speaking slots are all filled with great sessions in the Enterprise Mobility Suite / Enterprise Client Management (ECM) track and the Azure / Operations Management Suite / Cloud and Datacenter Management (CDM) track. With several Microsoft MVPs and a Microsoft Program Manager, you’re bound to learn something.


About my session

I’m delivering one 60-minute session in the CDM track:

Achieving Productivity without an on-premises infrastructure: Mission Impossible?

The daily announcements from Microsoft on cloud-based opportunities for organizations might give you the idea that your organization might be able to achieve productivity without an on-premises infrastructure, too. How do you, as a system administrator for a large organization, embrace these new possibilities and get rid of the square footage, cooling needs, firewalls and even your Domain Controllers? Can you go 100% cloud?

Dive into the full stack of Microsoft cloud possibilities and impossibilities. With my ‘Trust, but verify’ view on these items, I’ll share my real-life experiences with bringing organizations to the cloud, embracing a dual cloud provider strategy and the often-overlooked exit strategies you’ll need to have. Find out why Group Policies, VPNs and typical file servers are rapidly becoming remnants of a long-gone era in systems management and productivity. In the process, gain an end-to-end overview, featuring the latest and greatest Windows and Azure technologies.


Join us!

Tickets for Lowlands Unite! Belgium Edition can be purchased through Eventbrite for 50 EURO, each. While the organization would love for you to indicate a preferred track (ECM or CDM), you can switch between the tracks at your own discretion.

There’s still time to join me, the other speakers, my fellow Dutch-speaking IT Pro Erik Loef and, of course, our sponsors. I’m being told it’s the only way to get your hands on one of those coveted Lowlands Unite! stickers, anyway.

Join us!

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