Pictures of the Hybrid Identity Protection Conference 2017 in New York

Last week, I spent a long weekend in New York, NY for the inaugural Hybrid Identity Protection Conference.

Welkcome to Paris

I flew in on Saturday November 4 via Paris, where I boarded an Air France Boeing 777, that had its seats, at best, filled for 30%. There was ample space and I enjoyed working on a couple of designs and other documents during the 8-hour flight in. Unfortunately, I landed late and, therefore, had some trouble getting from JFK to Manhattan. By the time I arrived at the Holiday Inn, it was around midnight (6AM European time).

The next day, Roelf Zomerman and I went on a tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We went for a quick breakfast and then off to Battery Park, where we met our guide.

The Statue of Liberty (click for larger photo)Ellis Island, where between 1890 and 1924 5000 people per day passed to become US citizens (click for larger photo)Manhattan (click for larger photo)With Roelf at the Statue tour (click for larger photo)The Oculus, old buildings and sky scrapers. Just another day in New York (click for larger photo)

Afterwards, we met up with Tomasz Onyszko, strolled through the city to Greenwich Village and had pizza at Johns  Bleecker Street.

One World Trade Center (click for larger photo)With Tomasz and Roelf at Johns of Bleecker (click for larger photo)

On Monday, the inaugural Hybrid Identity Protection Conference kicked off at 7 World Trade Center.

Breakfast at the WTC (click for larger photo)A Bit of Kerberos (click for larger photo by Roelf Zomerman)

On Monday night, we all had drinks at the Roaring Twenties-inspired Wooley at Woolsworth Building, where we snapped a picture of all the speakers, much at the amusement of the attendees present. 

Speakers at the Wooley (click for larger photo, from social media)

Tuesday marked Day 2 and Roelf and I had a lot of fun, explaining Azure AD Connect and its many facets during the 135 minutes we ended up with by combining our two sessions into a back to back two-fold exposé of our favourite tool.

Roelf Pointing out the rules (click for larger photo)Roelf being Recorded (click for larger photo)

After our sessions, I had to go check out and leave New York, to get back to the Netherlands in time to deliver yet another presentation, but not before I said goodbye to all my good DSMVP friends.

I owe a big bag of gratitude to Mickey, Guy, Sean, Darren, Gil, Brian, Christoffer, Henrik, John, Tomasz, Michael, Joe and especially Roelf and the Hybrid Identity Protection Conference attendees for making this my favourite conference next to the MVP Summit.

Let’s do this again sometime soon! Smile

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