I’m speaking at the 2018 Heliview People-centric IT Event

Soccer club Feyenoord's "De Kuip" stadion in Rotterdam

On November 13th, 2018, Heliview Congresses and Training organizes the People-centric IT event at Soccer club Feyenoord’s “De Kuip” Stadion. I’m delivering a 25-minute session.


About Heliview Congresses and Training

Heliview Congresses and Training Dutch offers managers and senior specialists a stage to share and consume knowledge in their field of expertise. Additionally, personal networking is highly encouraged during their events throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Heliview Congresses and Training also offers training. For 2018 they have several topics on their schedule, including cyber resilience, data quality, IT outsourcing, data privacy and security awareness.

Heliview Congresses and Training was founded in 1983.


About the People-centric IT Event

The People-centric IT Event is a yearly congress on how people use IT. During this event, the focus is not on devices, or the Operating System (OS), but the person using them. Productivity and End-user Experience are key to this event.

Heliview Congresses and Training organizes the 2018 People-centric IT Event Dutch on November 13th, 2018 at Soccer club Feyenoord’s “De Kuip” Stadion in Rotterdam, the Netherlands Dutch.


About my presentation

I’m presenting a 25-minute session, titled:

Our three biggest challenges solved in under 25 minutes? Because cloud.

11:25AM – 11:50AM, Break-Out C, Security track

Organizations spend a large portion of their IT budgets to making their people achieve more productivity by minimizing the time they need to get productive again when anything IT-related breaks and by allowing them to fix things themselves.

In Microsoft’s latest products and technologies, we find ways to address the three areas, that we feel are the three biggest challenges for organizations today:

Passwords resets

Let’s get rid of passwords and costly password resets. People should not have to use passwords for their day-to-day work, but even if we can’t achieve that we have to help them reset passwords and PINs. Also, we should help them create strong passwords, so they aren’t as sensitive anymore.

Ransomware, never again

With built-in technologies in the latest versions of Windows 10, we can detect ransomware in its previously undetected phase. By whitelisting applications for access to our organizational data, malware has no chance to wreak havoc on our networks.

Imaging is so 2011

Today, we’re still handing out devices to people on-premises. 2011 called… it wants its processes back. Alternatively, we can put our trust in the integrity of the Windows 10 Operating System and use cloud-enabled functionality like AutoPilot and Intune to give people safe access to organizational data.


Join us!

As an employee of an organization that contemplates the use of new People-centric IT solutions, you can join the Heliview People-centric IT Event for free. Alternatively, you can buy a € 645 ticket, without 1 on 1 talks or questionnaire. This price tag also applies to advisors, consultants and students.

You can sign up here Dutch.

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