Pictures of Heliview’s 2018 People-centric IT event

A week ago, we were present at Heliview’s 2018 People-centric IT event at Soccer club Feyenoord’s “De Kuip” Stadium in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

As this was somewhat of a home game for us, we decided to make our mark at this event with our new corporate banner and new corporate clothing style.

SCCT Banner

We arrived at 7:30AM at the venue and starting setting up our new corporate banner. After 20 minutes, Carlo and I were done, wo we lit up “De Kuip” with our booth. As the stadium experienced an embarrassing light issue just two weeks ago during one of the soccer games, this got us a lot of attention from the attendees throughout the day.

Possible Solutions to the password problem (none truly apply)Possible Solutions to the password problem (none truly apply)

Just before lunch, I presented a 25-minute session, titled “Our three biggest challenges solved in under 25 minutes? Because cloud.” I showed Windows Hello for Business Security Keys, Azure Active Directory Identity Protection, Windows Defender Conditional Folder Access, Windows AutoPilot and Intune. As these are all cloud services and easily configurable settings in the base Operating System, we flew through the presentation and demos.

26 minutes after the start we were done, and configured with new up-to-date settings for password management, anti-ransomware and location-independent imaging.

After the session, we enjoyed some more conversations with customers and potential customers, to better understand their needs, their worries about GDPR and the legacy stuff that’s keeping them back. Our team has a lot of answers and offers help in many of these areas, so it was fun to talk about it.


I enjoyed Heliview’s People-centric IT event. Open-mouthed smile

Thanks to all the people attending, sitting in on my session and, of course, the people that took the time out of their busy schedule to talk to us. We felt we brought unique value to the event.

Hat tip

Carlo Shaeffer has made SCCT’s presence possible at Heliview’s 2018 People-centric IT event this year.

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