Pictures of Office 365 and SharePoint Connect 2018 in Haarlem last week

After last week’s Heliview People-centric IT event in Rotterdam, I drove to Haarlem for the next event on my list: NC Communications’ Office 365 and SharePoint Connect.

Unfortunately, I was too late to pick up Mustafa Toroman and Sasa Kranjac from Amsterdam Airport, but we did arrive at the Amrâth Grand Hotel Frans Hals at around the same time.

We headed out for dinner. After asking for directions at the hotel reception and taking the scenic route, we ended up at Steakhouse Wilma & Albèrt’s, where we enjoyed a nice dinner with truly great steaks. We had a great discussions on tech, our respective home countries and, of course, the events we presented at.

Drinks in the Lobby (click for larger photo)

After dinner we ended up in the hotel lobby where we shared drinks with the rest of the speakers and organization.

The St. Bavo Kerk in Haarlem, early morning light (click for larger photo)

The next morning, I put my stuff in my car at the car park and headed for the venue, the Stadsschouwburg and Philharmonie Haarlem. In the speaker room (coincidentally the actual artist room at the venue), I picked a shirt and prepared my slides and demos.

The calm before the storm ;-) (click for larger photo)
mS-DS-ConcistencyGUID to the rescue! (click for larger photo by Ralph Eckhard)Azure AD Connect under the Hood (click for larger photo by Ralph Eckhard)

After the keynote, I presented a 60-minute session on Azure AD Connect. We discussed the way Azure AD Connect works, and how the attendees could leverage Hybrid Azure AD Join and carry out Active Directory restructuring and/or consolidation projects with the help of the mS-DS-ConsistencyGUID.

After the session, several people came up to me with questions, but as Waldek Mastykarz was about to start his session, we headed out to the lobby area to further discuss the challenges some organizations face with Azure AD Connect.

I stuck around for the SharePint drinks at the end of the day, but decided the speaker dinner was too much on my agenda. I wanted to go home again, so I started my journey home at around 7PM.


Thank you! Thumbs up

Thank your NC Communications, for inviting me as an Office 365 and SharePoint Connect speaker, and to all the people attending, sitting in on my session and, of course, the people who stuck around after these sessions for the interesting discussions.

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