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In the first week of April, I traveled to Šibenik to deliver a session at WinDays 19 Technology.

My trip started with a flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Zagreb’s new Franjo Tuđman Airport. I had reserved a car and drove it to Amadria Park in Šibenik, where I arrived around 8PM.

My Hertz Rental CarCroatia's A1 highway near Zadar
Amadria Park's Hotel Jakov at night

I ran into Sasa Kranjac, Goran Žarinac, Catalin Gheorghiu, Rastko Đorđević and André Melancia on my way in, but decided to get a meal before going to the WinDays party. We eventually arrived at the party, but left after one drink… Well, at least I did.

Convention Center Šibenik Entrance to WinDays 19

The next morning, I went to pick up the bag, explore the rooms and just mingle with the attendees of the WinDays Conference. I sat down in a quiet corner and prepared my slides and demos, while doing some work for a customer.

Umbrellas on the beachMore beachRelaxing at the PoolGetting some Work done

Before my session, I decided to clear my head. Walk around the resort for an hour, and saw Marin Frankovic with a couple of his former colleagues. I joined them for a couple of minutes, before heading off to room Šibenik 5 at the Convention Center.

Heading back to the Convention CenterQuiet before the Storm
Presenting at WinDays

After my presentation, we went for diner, I met with Adis Jugo and some other speakers and we had great conversations. I went to bed early, because I needed to leave early on Friday morning to Zagreb Airport.

I left at 4 AM. I got at Zagreb Airport at 8 AM and got on the plane to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. After breakfast in Paris, another plane took me to Amsterdam. I did some more work for a customer before I had dinner with my family and closed off the week.

Thank you!Thumbs up

Thank your for inviting me as a WinDays speaker once again, and to all the people attending, sitting in on my session and, of course, the people who stuck around after these sessions for the interesting discussions.

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