Pictures of the 2019 Heliview IAM Congress

Last week, Heliview organized its annual Identity and Access Management (IAM) congress at the Nieuwegein Business Center.

Booth Materials (click for larger photo, by Carlo Schaeffer)SCCT Booth (click for larger photo, by Carlo Schaeffer)ChupaChups at the SCCT Booth (click for larger photo)
Empty Room - Quiet before the storm (click for larger photo)Goody bags for all attendees (click for larger photo, by Carlo Schaeffer)

To set up our booth, Carlo and I arrived early. We swiftly set it up and then enjoyed a cup of tea as the start of our day. This also allowed for some time to canvas the room.

Full Room :-) (Click for larger photo, by Carlo Schaefer)

At 11AM, I presented a 25-minute session on Decentralized Identities. I took questions after the session, while the next speaker set up. We also received a lot of positive feedback after the session.

During the day we had a lot of interesting conversations with both existing and potential customers. It strengthened their belief in the Microsoft cloud solution for providing and governing identity and access control leveraging Azure Active Directory.

Closing Keynote Audience (click for larger photo, by Heliview)
Meeting Tables (Click for larger photo)Let the drinks flow! (Click for larger photo)
Expo (Click for larger photo, by Heliview)

After the closing keynote by Maria Genova, drinks were served. After 6PM, we tore down our booth and headed home. Content.


Thank you! Thumbs up

Thank you to Heliview for organizing yet another successful IAM congress and inviting me as a speaker once again, and to all the people attending, sitting in on my session and, of course, the people with whom we had interesting discussions.

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