Pictures of Techorama Belgium 2019

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Techorama Belgium 2019

Lat week, on Wednesday May 22, I delivered a 60-minute presentation at Techorama Belgium 2019.

After a day of travel and, luckily, lunch at home, I arrived at the Antwerpen Kinepolis at 3PM. As the presentation was scheduled for 4:30PM, I was right on track to begin creating the slide deck for one of my favorite topics in Identity. Winking smile

Up in the Air (click for larger photo)
Kinepolis (click for larger photo)2019 Speaker Gift, awesome! (click for larger ophoto, by Christina Wheeler)

As I made my way to the speaker room, I ran into several people I know. I spoke to Vitorrio Bertocci, Michael van Horenbeeck and Aleksandar Nikolic while getting the ready-made slides into the Techorama PowerPoint template.

Techorama Posters (click for larger photo by Aleksandar Nikolic)In the Techorama Tunnel with Aleksandar (click for larger photo by Michael Van Hybrid)Robots on Display in the Techorama Speaker Room (click for larger photo)

I started my session at 4:30PM and made the conscious decision, together with the audience, to stop 5 minutes prior to the end time, so people would have a chance to get a nice seat for the Closing Keynote with astronaut André Kuipers. As we had ample time to discuss going password-less on-premises, there was even time for a little Q&A during the session.

Windows Hello vs. Windows Hello for Business (click for original photo by Mathijs Hofkens)

After the session, I headed straight home to enjoy a meal with my family. The upside of an event just around the corner of the Dutch border, means it’s only a 90-minute drive back home.


Thank you! Thumbs up

Thank you to the Techorama organization for organizing yet another successful event and inviting me as a speaker once again, and to all the people attending, sitting in on my session and, of course, the people with whom I had interesting discussions.

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