Pictures of Experts Live Netherlands 2019

Last week, I delivered a 60-minute session, together with Raymond Comvalius at Experts Live Netherlands at Congress Center 1931 in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.

I left home early to arrive at 7:15 at the venue. This left me with ample time to find a (charging) parking spot, get to the speaker room and change to the Experts Live Polo shirt, and still catch the 7:45 pre-keynote session; I attended Orin Thomas’s session on Securing Azure Networks. Then, onward to the keynote.

ExpertsLive Panel Keynote (click for larger photo by Organization)Keynote Panel (click for larger picture)

After the keynote, it was time for Raymond and me to start working on the slides. I sat down in the speaker area, where my book drew quite some attention.

The Active Directory Administration Cookbook at ExpertsLive (click for larger photo)CookBook Chapter14 (Click for larger photo by Michael van Hybrid)Erwin Derksen going through the Active Directory Administration CookBook (click for larger photo)

At 11:30AM, it was showtime for Raymond and me: We were allowed to talk for 60 minutes to a room full of attendees on Active Directory, AD FS, Certification Authorities and Windows to express how Windows Hello for Business could be used on-premises to start the password-less journeys.

With Ray On Stage (Click for larger photo by Didier van Hoye)On Stage before the session (Click for larger photo by Barbara Forbes)A picture with our audience  (click for larger photo by Barbara Forbes)Presenting as a Duo with Raymond (click for larger photo by the ExpertsLive Organization)Presenting as a Duo with Raymond (click for larger photo by the ExpertsLive Organization)On Stage at Experts Live NL (click for larger photo by the ExpertsLive Organization)

After the session we spoke with a couple of attendees and then headed off to lunch.

A nice chat with Jeff and Marc (click for larger photo by the ExpertsLive Organization)The ExpertsLive NL Expo (click for larger photo)

I attended some more sessions that caught my interest and stood in the crowd during the epic raffle with my colleagues Barbara Forbes and Michiel Dekker. Toni Petrina took a picture of use, before we headed off for a nice dinner just outside of Den Bosch.

The Community meets here (Click for a larger photo, taken by Toni on Barbara's phone)

Thank you! Thumbs up

Thank you to the ExpertsLive organization for organizing yet another successful event and inviting me as a speaker once again, and to all the people attending, sitting in on our session and, of course, the people with whom I had interesting discussions.

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