I’m co-presenting at WAZUG NL 60

Speaking at User Groups (picture by Rick van den Bosch)

On Thursday evening October 3rd, 2019, I’ll deliver a 55-minute presentation together with Raymond Comvalius for the Dutch Windows Azure User Group (WAZUG) on Password-less authentication.


About WAZUG.nl

WAZUG logo (cloud only)The Dutch Windows Azure User Group (WAZUG) was founded in 2010 by a group of enthusiasts to inform and inspire developers, architects and consultants for Microsoft’s cloud application platform: Azure.

WAZUG organizes events roughly every month. They invite speakers to talk about technology, but also about reference cases. It’s also an ideal way to meet like-minded people and network. Meetings, food and drinks are always free to attendees.

WAZUG, these days, is run by Iwan Bel, Erwyn van der Meer, Edward Bakker and Steef-Jan Wiggers.


About WAZUG.nl 60

Meeting 60 is organized with the help of Ordina, a Dutch IT services provider in terms of managed ICT services, IT solutions and software engineering. They invited us over at their headquarters in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.

In contrast to earlier WAZUG.nl meetings, WAZUG.nl 60 has an IT Pro focus.

The evening kicks off at 6PM with dinner. After a short welcoming ceremony, Raymond and I will present for 55 minutes. After a short break, a second session is presented. After the second session, there’s room and time for drinks up until 9:15PM.


About our presentation

Between 6:35PM and 7:30PM, we’ll deliver a 55-minute session on Password-less:

Password-less; day-to-day passwords be gone!

Microsoft’s marketing machine is abuzz to promote the latest and greatest for identity and access management: Password-less.

Raymond and I will show the ins and outs of Windows Hello for Business, Single Sign-on, Azure Active Directory and FIDO2. By leveraging these technologies, we can protect end-users from the troubles surrounding leaked, cracked, phished and eavesdropped credentials.

Looking under the hood, we make clear how password-less answers the question on how to deal with day-to-day passwords and finally brings light to the long dark tunnel we’ve stepped into when we embraced passwords in the mainframe-era.


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