I’m co-organizing the KNVI IT Infra Day of the Year

The Conference Room at the Carlton President Hotel in Maarssen

Raymond, Erwin, Martijn, Tom and I have dedicated time to organize a yearly Dutch event. We want to share the latest in our industry, without the marketing talk and without the corporate bullshit other events bring. In my utterly biased opinion1, there’s only one organization in the Netherlands, that can pull that off.

Last year we organized the ‘Roast the Cloud’ event for KNVI members. The year before, we organized the ‘Windows as a Service’ event. It was a lot of fun! This year, we have further improved upon the formula, added some more fun elements and are back for another year.


About KNVI

KNVI logoThe Dutch Professional Association of Information and IT Professionals (KNVI) is an independent platform for sharing professional knowledge and expanding the personal networks of ICT Pros, information professionals, students and employers who want to keep their employees up to date.

KNVI organizes multiple meetings per month, publishes AG Connect both online and in print, and offers discounts to its members, like the discount to my Active Directory Administration Cookbook.

KNVI is a merged organization of several professional associations, including the Dutch Networking User Group (Ngi-NGN) and the Dutch Association for Documentary Information and Organization Administration (SOD).


About the KNVI IT Infra Event of the Year

On Thursday October 10, 2019, we’ll transform the Carlton President Hotel in Maarssen Dutch into Walhalla for IT Professionals. We have speakers delivering nine 30-minute sessions in three blocks:

  1. Managing IT, the new reality
    We’ll talk about DevOps as a way to manage teamwork and to manage servers. we’ll also talk about Mobile Device Management to manage devices beyond Windows-based devices.
  2. Do away with legacy
    Many admins still manage their environments like it’s 2005. Typically, this means still imaging devices (with Altiris or Ghost, probably), without benefiting from cloud services, and Windows AutoPilot and experiencing increasing numbers of incidents with passwords. That’s why we’ll talk about Windows AutoPilot, Azure AD DS and Password-less.
  3. The future of IT
    In our third block of sessions, we’ll look ahead to what’s happening in IT from an infrastructure point of view. Software-defined, privacy and quantum are the three keywords for this block of sessions.

After these session, we’ll ask the speakers back to the stage to discuss what regrettable moves to avoid and what recommended practices to embrace in the near future.

For immediate answers and discussions, we’ll have speakers in the ‘red room’ available, instead of hiding in a speaker room…


About my session

I’m not just involved in the planning and preparations for the event, I’m also actively presenting a session, together with Raymond Comvalius:

Password-less, or how to get rid of passwords for day-to-day IT Use

2:20PM – 3:05PM Dutch

81% of all hacks last year can be attributed to weak, leaked and standard passwords. Multi-factor authentication reduces these situation by 99,9%, but people don’t seem to like to hassle of it. If only we could live without passwords…

You can! In this session, Raymond and I look at Windows Hello for Business, Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and FIDO2 as the solution for end-users to no longer work with passwords and, in the process, work more securely than they do now.


Join us!

Register here. Dutch

One of the things we’ve learned last year is that many people wanted to join the event, but either didn’t have the money to join or didn’t want a KNVI membership.

As an IT Pro, you can join the event for € 99.
No strings attached. No nagging marketing afterwards. No privacy issues.
No membership.

Of course, as a member of KNVI, you can join the event for free, anyway.
There’s room for 150 people for this event. We haven’t filled all our seats, yet.

  • 1 I was a member of the board of the KNVI Special Interest Group (SIG) IT Infra.

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