Pictures of the 2019 KNVI IT Infra Day of the Year

The Conference Room at the Carlton President Hotel in Maarssen

After many months of preparations, we ran the KNVI IT Infra Day of the Year last Thursday. Raymond, Erwin, Tom and I organized a day filled with a total of eleven sessions with topics for today’s IT Pros that want more out of life and their careers.

Welcome to the KNVI IT-Infra Special Interest Group Meetup (click for original photo by organization)Variety of Tea at the Carlton President Hotel (click for original photo by Barbara Forbes)

Tom kicked off the day with a warm welcome to the attendees. It marked the start of the ‘What’s New’ block of sessions. Peter Daalmans presented a 30-minute session on Mobile Device Management. My colleague Barbara Forbes presented a 30-minute session on Azure DevOps and Jeff Wouters presented on treating servers like cattle, not cats.

Barbara introducing herself (click for original photo)Barbara talking about Azure DevOps (click for original photo)

After a short break, Tom introduced the ‘Get rid of legacy’ block of sessions. Raymond Comvalius presented a 30-minute session on AutoPilot to get rid of imaging. Erwin Derksen presented a 30-minute session on Azure AD DS to get rid of legacy LDAP stores and Active Directory on-premises.

Erwin talking about Azure Active Directory Domain Services (click for larger photo by organization)Tom introducing Raymond for his AutoPilot talk (click for original photo by organization)

Then, Raymond and I presented a 30-minute session on password-less, as a way to get rid of passwords and to transition into a brave new world with stronger authentication, based on a 4-layer security model. As part of the session, we demoed Azure AD Join using the Authenticator App and the OneDrive Personal Vault.

Introducing Raymond and myself (click for original photo by Barbara Forbes)Explaining how MFA is just a patch, not a solution (click for larger photo by Barbara Forbes)

After lunch, Tom kicked off the block of sessions where we make sure we don’t miss today’s big issues. Ronald Potharst presented on Software-defined Networking (SDN). Harold van de Kamp presented on privacy in Microsoft 365. Guido Steusel presented on what to expect in IT in the near future.

After another short break, Twan Paes presented the TeamPerformance loop. As organizers we took the stage again and rounded up our experiences with the event and we asked the attendees what they picked up during the day.

Wrapping up the KNVI IT Infra Day of the Year (click for original photo by organization)Drinks (photos start to get blurry after this point ;-) )

After that, of course, we had drinks at the restaurant of the Carlton President Hotel.


Thank you! Thumbs up

Thank you to all the attendees. Your feedback is invaluable. Thank you to the Carlton President Hotel and MOS Events for helping us organize this meetup. Until next year!

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