Pictures of Office 365 and SharePoint Connect 2019 – Community Edition

Office 365 and SharePoint Connect

After presenting at AppManagEvent 2019, I drove to Haarlem for the next event on my list: NC Communications’ Office 365 and SharePoint Connect.

This was a bittersweet event, as Nigel and Irene announced this 10th edition of Office 365 and SharePoint Connect, would be the last time they organize it. I’ll miss hanging out with my fellow community members, presenting on the topics I love and meeting new people at events like this.

Philharmonie Haarlem (click for larger photo)

I arrived in time for lunch, so enjoyed some sandwiches. After that, I found a quiet place to do the final touches on my presentation, including the focus by the Dutch NCSC on FIDO 2.0 Dutch and preparing the demos.

I presented a 45-minute session in the last session time slot. The room was half-filled, but everyone stayed for the session. Afterward, two guys from one of the Netherlands’ well-known service providers came up to me to thank me for the session. I might end up presenting at one of their internal days to their colleagues…

Room D at Office 365 and SharePoint Connect 2019 (click for larger photo)Blauwe Zaal, aka Room D (click for larger photo)Photo of the Title Slide by Arend van Dijk (click for larger photo)


Thank you Thumbs up

Thank you to Nigel and Irene for organizing Office 365 and SharePoint Connect 2019 and inviting me as a speaker for another year. Thank you to all the attendees, especially the people in my session.

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