Videos and slides are now available on demand for Microsoft Ignite 2019’s Azure AD-related sessions

Microsoft Ignite - November 4-8, 2019 - Orlando, Florida

During Microsoft Ignite 2019, (November 4th – November 8th, 2019) in Orlando, Florida, several sessions on Azure Active Directory were available to attendees to attend. These Azure AD-related sessions are now available on demand, when you sign-in with a free Microsoft TechCommunity account.

In this blogpost, I’ve categorized the sessions using Microsoft’s Standard Level Definitions, so you can step in at the level that best suits you. I've sorted the sessions on session code:


Level 100 session

The below session provides an overview of Azure Active Directory. This session assume little or no expertise with Azure AD and cover concepts, functions, features, and benefits. It’s perfect to get started with Azure AD:


BRK013 Identity: The control plane for your digital transformation, now and into the future

As provider of the world’s largest identity platform, Microsoft takes accountability for building greater security and mobility into enterprise technologies that billions of people rely on every day. Microsoft co-develops their identity products and services with customers to ensure Microsoft helps you secure access to any app or service—on-premises or in any cloud. Microsoft is pioneering ways to make identity-driven security more intuitive and automated, and Microsoft is architecting solutions using blockchain technology to give people back control over their privacy. Using real customer stories, this session shares Microsoft’s vision for Azure Active Directory, the latest product innovations, and concrete examples of how Microsoft is making it easier for you to manage and secure identities now and into the future.


Level 200 sessions

The below sessions offer intermediate material. These sessions assume 100-level knowledge and provide specific details about Azure Active Directory:


BRK2080 Simplify sign in and authorization with the Microsoft identity platform

Building a secure and usable authentication experience has been difficult and time-consuming. Whether you’re building an app to reach consumers or enterprises, the Microsoft identity platform is here to help. In this session, you’ll learn how to authenticate personal Microsoft or Azure AD accounts, and securely access APIs in your apps. Once integrated with the Microsoft identity platform, see how you can start accessing data in Microsoft Graph to build richer applications.


BRK2130 Azure Active Directory: New features and roadmap

For anyone working on or looking in to identity and access management in the cloud, this can't-miss session provides updates on Azure Active Directory and Microsoft’s vision and roadmap areas for identity in the next year. You'll hear about the newest features and experiences that provide seamless access for any identity, protect your organization from breaches, and use the latest open standards.


BRK2132 How Microsoft uses Azure Active Directory Identity Protection and Conditional Access to protect its assets

Identity security is one of the most critical measures you can take for your organization today. To continually strengthen your identity security, you must be able to identify and protect against attacks on your users.
Learn how Microsoft has done this in their own IT environment. First, by using Azure Active Directory Identity Protection to gain crystal clear visibility into the frequency and types of attacks on users, then protecting the user accounts with Conditional Access policies to require MFA and block legacy apps. We'll take you along our journey, discuss pitfalls, best practices, and resulting product improvements.


BRK2232 Zero Hype – Taking practical steps to Zero Trust

Over the past several years, there has been a lot of hype around Zero Trust with a focus around vendor-specific implementation. Products emerged that were Zero Trust even before the concept became cool and well known, but what does this abstract and buzzy word really mean for your organization? In this session, the speakers focus on the principles and foundation pillars of Zero Trust, and dive into their impact on the threat landscape to understand how threat shifts when Zero Trust principles are widely applied.


BRK2261 Empower firstline worker productivity from day one

Digitally empower your firstline workers through seamless and secure access to the tools they need to be productive on day one. Learn about Microsoft’s current and upcoming investments in the firstline worker identity management space and how you can drive end-to-end transformation in your organization.


BRK3112 Love all your identities – Building digital relationships with your customers and partners

Modern organizations are looking for new ways to engage and collaborate with their customers and partners, which requires a secure and seamless way to manage these external identities. Learn how to provide seamless and secure digital experiences for partners, customers, citizens, and others with the level of customization and control your business requires. Learn about how our customers are using Azure Active Directory to provide a customized authentication experience for their customers, seamlessly govern external access to first-party apps, and effectively collaborate with partners.


BRK4007 Microsoft identity platform best practices for developers

This session walks through the details of how the Microsoft identity platform works for Authentication and Authorization. The speakers cover how developers can architect their solutions for the best user experience, best practices for working permissions and consent, and debugging techniques for authentication and authorization.


SECO10 Secure your enterprise with a strong identity foundation

The three identity and access management needs Microsoft hears most often from its customers are to reduce costs, improve security, and enhance user productivity. This session provides stories of how Azure Active Directory has delivered these benefits to customers and grants greater visibility and control over users, apps, devices, and data.

This Learning Path session is primarily targeted at organizations considering modernizing their identity and security solutions and have not yet adopted Azure AD widely, or existing customers that would like a refresher on the customer scenarios addressed. This video is currently unavailable.


TK03 Microsoft's roadmap for security, compliance, and identity

This session covers how Microsoft can help you with your security, identity, and compliance needs. Hear Kirk Koenigsbauer share Microsoft's strategy and investments with special guests including Ann Johnson, from Microsoft's Cybersecurity Solutions Group, and Bret Arsenault, Microsoft's CISO.


THR2002 Authentication without passwords in 20 minutes

Password are complex – though usually they are not, and that is the problem! Users forget them and hackers don’t. So it's time to move away from this pain point and to utilize stronger authentication. In this 20-minute session, Brian Reid looks at how you go password-less using hardware security devices and mobile apps.


THR2047 Real-world hybrid Active Directory join and compliance in 20 minutes

One of the easy ways to secure your cloud journey is to ensure that the end user is on a company device. In this session, Brian Reid looks at how this works for Active Directory domain-joined workstations. The steps to get there and what you can do once your devices and your users are synced to Azure Active Directory. He also looks at how to troubleshoot AAD Hybrid Join and take real customer examples so you can avoid common issues.


THR2200 Lift and shift your legacy applications using Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Do you have hundreds of on-premises, legacy applications slowing your acceleration to the cloud? Learn how Azure Active Directory can help you lift-and-shift your legacy apps, secure legacy authentication, and see Microsoft’s roadmap of exciting new features and capabilities to lighten your on-premises server and application footprint.


THR2201 Reduce IT friction with seamless identity end-user experiences

In a world where every employee needs a sea of applications and tools to do their job, and your end-users are getting increasingly mobile, so much productivity is lost on simply finding the right app, remembering the right password, and reaching out to IT to retrieve lost credentials. Learn how you can become your organization's hero by eliminating access friction and deliver a seamless and secure user experience.


THR3136 Streamline your business processes and development with Azure Active Directory APIs in Microsoft Graph

The availability of Azure AD APIs in Microsoft Graph has grown over the past year to help developers build out scenarios in Azure Active Directory. In fact, all Azure AD Graph APIs are now available in Microsoft Graph, which includes even more functionality across all Office 365 workloads. In this session, learn how to use Azure AD APIs in Microsoft Graph for user onboarding and dynamic group provisioning, enabling governance with Privileged Identity Management and enabling more granular access control with Azure AD RBAC.


Level 300 sessions

The below sessions offer advanced material. These sessions assume 200-level knowledge, in-depth understanding of features in a real-world environment, and strong coding skills. These sessions aim to provide detailed technical overviews of only a subset of the products and technology features, covering architecture, performance, migration, deployment, and development:


THR3080 Gain fine-grained access controls of your administrative roles with Azure Active Directory custom roles

Learn how to control access to Azure Active Directory using Azure AD administrative roles, including capabilities like custom RBAC controls, and see what's coming for future role and access control capabilities.


BRK3110 Winning strategies for identity security and governance

Cybersecurity incidents make news regularly, and the attacks have become more sophisticated and complicated for organizations to keep up with. This increase is in spite of high spending on security solutions and resources. The key to successful identity management is moving towards an identity-centric security strategy. Think like a bad actor and work out the attacks you're most likely to face, and guard against them to the best of your ability. In this session, the speakers discuss some of the winning strategies for effective identity management.


BRK3113 New frontiers in identity standards

Interested in the future evolution of the identity industry? Join Pamela Dingle for an entertaining tour through the work currently occurring in standards bodies like IETF, W3C, ISO, and the OpenID Foundation. Pamela explains the efforts that are underway as well as describe what future impact this work might have on enterprises and the internet. If part of your job is to future proof your organization, this overview may give you useful insight into areas you need to monitor or perhaps links to technologies that your organization might want to help shape.


BRK3114 Building trust into digital experiences with decentralized identities

Organizations are exploring ways to improving the trust of digital experiences. This effort can be accelerated by empowering people to own, control and verify their identity. Learn how Decentralized Identity can enable use of portable claims based on the Verified Credentials standard, see a proof of concept to compare with existing account-based systems, learn about known challenges and most importantly how you can get involved.


BRK3194 Azure Active Directory cloud authentication doesn’t just mean “sign-in”

When you sign-in to the Azure AD, cloud fault tolerance, scalability, and enhanced security are built-in. Through the Azure AD management portal, it is simple to enable a plethora of technologies, enhancing both your organization’s security posture and user experience. In this session, John Craddock shares his real-world experience and insight into reaping the rewards and benefits of Azure AD. Learn how to choose the best sign-in options for both your cloud and hybrid-users. Also, learn how to mitigate risk through the use of conditional access policies. Combine this with Windows Hello or FIDO, and you are building secure sign-in for the future. The session is packed with demos and definitely should not be missed.


SECI10 Identity and access management best practices from around the world

Join the Azure Active Directory customer success team and learn how they have helped hundreds of customers around the world accelerate digital transformation with identity and access management. Find out how you can quickly and easily get Azure Active Directory up and running and be the hero of your organization.


SECI20 Shut the door to cybercrime with identity-driven security

Today, in most organizations, there exists an abundance of security solutions and yet what will actually make you secure remains obscure. Watch this session to get your much needed answers on the steps you can quickly take to protect yourself against the most prevalent current and emerging threats!


BRK3105 Connect your workforce to all the apps they need with Azure Active Directory

Azure AD is the place for all your apps, but do you know how to take full advantage of the rich ecosystem Microsoft offers? Watch this session to learn about what Microsoft is doing to enrich their apps ecosystem with the apps you care about, to make it easy for you to connect and build the apps your organization needs, and all the cool stuff you can with those apps once you join the party!


BRK3106 Eliminate your weakest link with password-less authentication

The new standard for authentication is password-less. Learn about how to start using and deploying the Microsoft suite of password-less solutions that can help you provide secure options for your users and protect your company from password spray, phishing and other attacks. Join the millions of users of FIDO2, Windows Hello, and Microsoft Authenticator in conjunction with Azure Active Directory that have made passwords a relic of the past.


BRK3108 Modernize your on-premises application security with Azure Active Directory

Watch this session to learn how to extend modern cloud-driven security and scalability to your on-premises apps using Azure Active Directory. When you have your users operating under a common identity across your hybrid identity environment, you can securely connect and protect all your applications to Azure AD including classic applications that use protocols such as Kerberos and header-based authentication or on-premises LOB apps. The speakers show you how you can do this from Azure AD-native solutions or through integrations with partner infrastructure that you may already be using in your organization.


BRK3109 Govern your workforce and guest user access with Azure Active Directory

Organizations are faced with an explosion of new, collaboration-focused SaaS apps and services, where it is increasingly becoming as easy to share resources with business partners as with employees. It is more challenging than ever to ensure timely access and productive collaboration while maintaining data security and access compliance. Watch this session to learn how Azure Active Directory can deliver Identity Governance and Administration for both your employees and guest users, empowering the entire organization while balancing security and productivity.


BRK3154 Integrating CASB into IAM for a comprehensive identity security strategy

Standalone, identity and access management solutions protect access to your apps, and a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provides discovery, threat, and information protection across them. Combining these two powerful solutions enables a deeper level of visibility and the ability to control user sessions in real-time. In this session the speakers share how Azure Active Directory Conditional Access and Microsoft Cloud App Security uniquely integrate to provide actionable insights, an improved security posture, better threat detection, and adaptive access control to all apps, Microsoft and third-party, in your organization. The speakers discuss some of the top use cases and demo how easy it is to deploy them.


BRK3195 Azure Active Directory B2B versus multi-tenant apps: Notes from the field

John Craddock has created this session as the result of a real-world scenario. A forms-authenticated app, running in Azure, was providing services to several enterprise customers. These enterprise customers were requesting that they should have SSO using their on-premises AD credentials. How can the solution be built? We have to start by selecting a federated authentication protocol for the app. Allowing partners and other organizations to access the application requires either the creation of an Azure AD multi-tenant app or providing access to the app via Azure AD B2B services. Watch this session and learn about the pros and cons of each solution. Don’t miss the demos showing the results.


BRK3257 Leverage the cloud to strengthen your on-premises Active Directory security

As you traverse your digital transformation journey to the cloud, you will likely find yourself in a state with on-premises and cloud identity systems working in tandem as a hybrid identity infrastructure. This not only provides a single identity for users to access resources, but also cloud security enhancements can be extended to on-premises. Watch this session to learn how the scalability and advanced security of Azure Active Directory can be leveraged to protect your Windows Server Active Directory infrastructure. This session focuses on a few quick wins and some key strategies you should be focusing on with your Active Directory.


BRK3267 Increase M&A agility by integrating quickly and securely with Azure Active Directory

M&A is an increasingly important growth driver for modern enterprises but with the increasing complexity of technology solutions, it can be a major challenge for IT and Security teams. Join us to learn how to consolidate directories and enable access to resources from day one, simplify collaboration, and eliminate cybersecurity threats with identity as the control plane.


BRK4017 The science behind Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

Azure AD Identity Protection detects and prevents identity attacks in the cloud and on-premises. It also enables identity admins to understand their risk standing with insights and advanced risk reports. Using this information, identity admins can setup risk-based policies for a handsfree security experience – achieving both security and productivity. At the core of Identity Protection is it’s risk engine, which uses machine learning, UEBA, and anomaly detection to detect the compromised users in your organization. Watch this session to learn about the new features available in the refreshed Identity Protection. The speakers show the new capabilities and they go deep into the science that powers Identity Protection.


THR3076 Get the most out of password-less authentication and avoid pitfalls

Learn about Microsoft’s password-less strategy and tangible next steps on taking your enterprise password-less. Watch this session to gain tips for a seamless deployment and user adoption with Microsoft-supported authentication tools like Windows Hello, Microsoft Authenticator, and FIDO security keys.


THR3079 Govern access for employees and partners with Azure Active Directory Identity Governance

Azure Active Directory has new identity governance and administration capabilities to help scale and govern access management for your entire workforce including partners. Check out the latest news and demos around Access Reviews and Entitlement Management.


THR3135 Secure customer identity and access management using Azure Active Directory B2C

How can you help your customers create seamless sign-up or sign-in experiences for their consumer-facing applications? Learn about Azure Active Directory B2C, an enterprise-grade customer identity and access management service, and how it allows you to easily secure consumer-facing (or citizen-facing) web and mobile applications and to create user friendly, frictionless experiences while protecting user data.


THR3078 Migrate to modern authentication with Azure Active Directory

Embrace modern authentication for your users and their single sign-on into apps with Azure Active Directory. See the latest tools that can help you plan and deploy a rollout of cloud authentication and also migrate your apps to cloud management and security.


WRK 3029 Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory

With identity as the control plane, you can have greater visibility and control over who is accessing your organization’s applications and data and under which conditions. This workshop gives you hands-on experience with Azure Active Directory, a universal identity platform for you to keep your employees and external users productive and secure, while staying compliant and protecting against threats. Learn how to build and deploy risk-based access policies, seamlessly connect users to all their apps, manage guest users as easily and securely as your own employees, and more! Become an identity and access management hero for your organization.

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