Pictures of the Dutch Windows Management User Group 2019-5 Meetup

OGD Delft

Last Wednesday I was a guest at the company I called ‘home’ for over 15 years. I was scheduled to deliver a 45-minute session on Azure AD Connect. As this is one of my favorite topics to talk on, I was really looking forward to the Dutch Windows Management User Group 2019-5 Meetup.

I started early at the customer that was scheduled for Wednesday November 13th, which was conveniently located in the vicinity of Delft. I left for the event at around 3PM and arrived early.

I met with several of my former co-workers, including their CEO Roel Nikkesen, other members of the management team and Rik van Berendonk. I also met one of OGD’s new CTOs Kay van Baarle.

Kenneth van Surksum kicking off the Meetup (click for larger photo from Adnan Hendricks)Follow Meetup (click for larger photo from Adnan Hendricks)

Kenneth van Surksum kicked off the event, followed by Master of Ceremony Rik and Kay introducing OGD as a software company and the proud host for the event. In true OGD style, they started late and ended even later.

Patrick van der Born presenting before our audience (click for larger photo)

After their introduction, Patrick van den Born delivered the first session on identity and access management with Ivanti Identity Director.

Presenting (Click for larger photo by Kenneth van Surksum)

Facing a hungry crowd and diner being scheduled in 30 minutes, I decided to deliver my session at lightning speed to provide food to the attendees on premise. That’s all the time I need to tear apart the choices Microsoft makes with Azure AD Connect…

Dinner is served! (Click for larger photo by Adnan Hendricks)Spekkoek as deserts... what could possibily go wrong? (Click for larger photo by Adnan Hendricks)Enjoying dinner (Click for larger photo by Adnan Hendricks)

At the break, I noticed that many familiar faces joined the event, including Osman Akagunduz and Erwin Derksen. Just in time, too, as Erwin was scheduled to deliver the third session of the event with a bulletpoint-free presentation on Azure Active Directory Domain Services.

Erwin responding to a question from the audience (click for larger picture by Kenneth van Surksum)

After Erwin’s session we had time left, so Patrick, Erwin and I organized a closing panel discussion to wrap up the event.

Closing Panel (Click for larger photo by Adnan Hendricks)OGD Bar (Click for larger photo by Adnan Hendricks)

We enjoyed a couple of drinks after the event, and I even visited OGD’s maker space, as invited by Mark van der Lars.

Thank you Thumbs up

Thank you to the Dutch Windows Management User Group for organizing this meetup at my former employer and inviting me as a speaker. Thank you to all the attendees and the people behind the technology panel that night.

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