Video of my AppManagEvent 2019 session is now available

On Friday October 11, 2019, I presented a 45-minute session. The session was titled ‘Identity, the solid base for your organization’s future’. I presented the session in the context of Professional Development Systems’ 2019 edition of AppManageEvent in Utrecht.

Recent IT disasters have proven that there’s no such thing as a safe network. Firewalls continue to lose their value. Munchhausen by proxy has got a whole new meaning. However, a new perimeter has arisen, focusing on the individuals in your organization and their behavior, but with extensive auditing and near-real time mitigating measures: Identity. I explain it all in this session.

The session was live-recorded and made available, for everyone to enjoy with subtitles:


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Thank you to PDS for organizing AppManagEvent 2019 and inviting me as a speaker. They have also made the recording publicly available.

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