Video of my Active Directory session at VMworld Europe is now available

VMware VMworld Europe 2019

On November 7, 2019, I presented a 60-minute session with Deji Akomolafe. The session was titled ‘Virtualize Active Directory the right way’. We presented the session in the context of VMware’s VMworld Europe 2019 event in Barcelona.

Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) allows organizations to deploy a scalable and secure directory service for managing users, resources, and applications. Although virtualizing Domain Controllers has been a simple and supported operation for many years, many organizations have been very reluctant to do so.

Organizations have struggled to understand how to properly navigate and avoid the multiple pitfalls (such as synchronization, convergence, security, time management, availability, and data integrity) inherent in virtualizing a production, enterprise-level Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) infrastructure. Even when they have virtualized their Domain Controllers, administrators still worry about the security, safety, and integrity of their AD DS infrastructure.

Watch this session to see how to virtualize AD the right way:


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Thank you to VMware for organizing VMworld Europe 2019 and inviting me as a speaker. VMware have also made the recording publicly available. Thank you to Deji for co-presenting this session with me.

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