Pictures of the 2019 European SharePoint Conference


Last week, I delivered two sessions at the European SharePoint Conference in Prague.

View from the train station at Nieuw Vennep (click for larger photo)Lots of space in the plane (click for large photo)

After a day of consulting on Tuesday December 3rd at one of my long-term customers, I traveled to Schiphol airport. My choice to not park at the airport anymore, led me to the parking lot near the train station in Nieuw Vennep. A short train ride brought me to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in time for my flights to Prague.

The Prague Corinthia Hotel (click for larger photo)Welcome to ESPC19 (click for large photo)

I arrived late and went to bed. In the morning, I got up early to get to the venue, register and watch Alex Simons’ keynote. The short walk from the Corinthia hotel to the Prague Congress Center allowed for sufficient time to soak up the atmosphere and sun. I must admit we had the best weather you can wish for in Prague in December with an abundance of sun.

Alex Simons delivering the Identity Keynote at ESPC 19 (click for larger photo)Alex Simons explaining Microsoft's zero trust solution (click for larger photo by Samir Daoudi)

I prepared for my first session in the speaker room, where I met with a lot of familiar community faces, including Morgan Simonsen, Thomas Vochten, Fabian Williams and Luise Freese.

At 11:45 AM it was time to present on GDPR. The room featured 100 seats, and the room was packed with people interested in my experiences with GDPR in the past 17 months.

Presenting on GDPR (Click for larger photo by Marleen Madsoleh-van der Meulen)

I thought my abstract made it clear that my session on GDPR was anything but boring, but getting the below feedback from an attendee was still wonderful:

This was nowhere as boring as I expected it to be, based on the topic.

After the session, I scoured the expo for people I know and organizations offering technology I might need.

Having fun with Julia Ivanova at the Netwrix booth (click for larger photo)

I ran into Nikola Pejková at the Veeam booth and ran into Julia Ivanova at the Netwrix booth. It was fun to meet the person behind many of the webinars I did in recent years with Netwrix.

Presenting your Identity Roadmap to 2022 (click for larger photo by Julia Ivanova)

At 4:45PM, I started my second presentation. This is the helping hand to organization that want to get the most out of their Microsoft-oriented Identity and Access Management (IAM) investments.

After the session, I went to the hotel to drop my stuff and get ready for the party. We had a great time at Club SaSaZu, but I had to get back to the hotel early for my 5AM ride to the airport.

On Thursday December 5th, I was scheduled to arrive at 11:45 AM at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, after two short flights with a layover in Paris. However, due to the French strike, full flights, a reroute via Frankfurt and a sick copilot, I eventually arrived at 11:45 PM at Amsterdam…


Thank you Thumbs up

Thank you to the European SharePoint Conference Program Team for inviting me as a speaker. Thank you to all the attendees, especially the people in my sessions.

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