Goals for 2020

Welcome to a new decade!

As the cold January days embrace me after the warm festivities of Christmas, I feel invigorated to look ahead and set goals for the year to come.


I’ve been blogging here for the past 13 years:

Blogposts per month for The Things Better Left Unspoken

In May 2019, I set out to share more of my experiences. My new goal was to post 200 Identity-related blogposts per year. While I’m striving to share news, insights and howto’s each working day, I feel that it’s hard to maintain during my off-weeks. However, my goal in relation to sharing through blogposts remains the same: one each working day.

You can already see the difference in the above graph that provides an overview of the number of blogposts per month since the inception of this blog in June 2006.


I love speaking. It is my favorite way to share. I love the feedback it provides. However, I haven’t been speaking publicly a lot in 2019, as I look back at my history of community efforts:

Community efforts 2014-2019

Time to step it up a bit, and I have created some compelling abstracts, that are already gaining traction with some of the events I loved presenting on in the past. Fingers crossed


Another activity that stands out in the above graphical representation of my community efforts throughout the past years, is that I started focusing on video. The goal was to share weekly Identity-related videos. Obviously, I didn’t reach that goal. Doing video right requires dedication and there were just a lot of things that came in between. We arranged a dedicated studio room a while ago, but then I lost my voice…

It's back now.
Definitely look out for more video’s at identityguy.nl in 2020!


At SCCT, I never have to doubt the consultancy projects that end up on my plate. Just like the projects my team handles, my projects are fun and engaging. At the end of 2019, I finished a project that took over two years to complete (though not full-time), that is already paying dividends in other organizations reaching out to us to help them with the same endeavor.

I feel these projects are a critical link in sharing with you and to the audiences in my speaking gigs, but also in providing feedback to Microsoft, Veeam and VMware.


My wife and daughter have a great understanding of what makes me tick. I’ve overstepped boundaries many times, but they have always understood why it was important to me. I intend to sway the balance towards family and being at home in 2020, just to make up for the past years.


Join me for an awesome 2020! Thumbs up

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