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Azure Saturday Belgrade 2020

On this year’s leap day, I was invited to present a session on Azure Saturday in Belgrade, Serbia. My good friends Vladimir Stefanovic, Aleksandar Nikolic and Mustafa Toroman invited me over as one of the foreign speakers to complement the local speakers and their workshops on February 28th.

On Friday, I did some work for one of my customers. I worked  from home to finish a design. I was brought to Rotterdam Central Station and took the express train that would take me in 26 minutes to Schiphol airport in time for my Air Serbia flight to Belgrade. After un uneventful, yet full of face masks flight, I arrived safely in Belgrade and took a cab to the Belgrade Inn hotel.

The next morning, I choose to be at breakfast the earliest opportunity I had. This would allow me to meet and chat with all my friends before the event started. Surely, everybody walked in and the hotel restaurant was soon filled with chatter and laughter.

Room 208 at the Belgrade Inn (click for larger photo)Coffee at Breakfast to start the day (click for original photo)

After a short walk to the venue, we continued our discussions in the speakers room, where we prepared for the keynote and our sessions.

Azure Saturday Belgrade Speaker Badge (click for larger photo)
SuperAdmin-sponsored Badges (click for larger photo by organization)In the Speaker Room with Aleksandar Nikolic and Rolf McLaughlin (click for larger photo by organization)

At 3:45 PM, I started my 45-minute session on six of the Hybrid Identity mismangement horror stories I’ve encountered over the past couple of years. It was fun to talk about organizational challenges ranging from Azure MFA Server to FIDO2 technologies and from budgeting to security challenges.

Nooo, did he just say that?! (click for larger photo, by organization)Presenting at Azure Saturday Belgrade (click for larger photo by organization)

After my session I attended Rolf McLoughlin’s session, before we rounded up the event with a PowerShell-supported prize raffle and Thank Yous to all the attendees.

Azure Saturday Belgrade 2020's Speakers (click for larger photo by organization)
Suvobor Restaurant in downtown Belgrade (click for larger photo)Serbia, Meat Country! :-) (click for larger photo)

Then, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and head to the Sovubar restaurant to have dinner with all the speakers and their entourages. We had some more fun discussions and drinks, before returning to the hotel.

Coffee at Kafeterija (click for larger photo)

The next morning , we headed out for coffee at Kafeterija with a smaller group of people, including Mustafa, Sasha, Aleksandar, Vladimir, Nenad and Rolf.

After that, it was time to check out and get a cab to the airport. After lunch in the lounge, I flew back and landed on Schiphol Airport in time for dinner with my family.

Serbian Flag outside Hotel Belgrade Inn (click for larger photo)Brutalist-style buildings across Belgrade (click for larger photo)Cloudy Alps on my way home (click for larger photo)

Thank you! Thumbs up

Thank you to the Azure Saturday Belgrade organization for having me as a speaker. Thank you to the sponsors of the event and the Azure Saturday global organization. And of course, a big thank you to all the attendees, especially the ones who were in my session.

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