HOWTO: Tell if Azure AD Connect is using the v2 Endpoint

Azure AD Connect

Azure AD Connect is Microsoft’s free tool to synchronize objects and their attributes from Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) implementations to Azure Active Directory tenants. Many millions of organizations depend on Azure Active Directory and the APIs that the tool connects to. Now, there is a new endpoint Public Preview.

I’ve shown you how to enable Azure AD Connect’s v2 Endpoint previously, but today I’m sharing my Windows PowerShell one-liner to tell if Azure AD Connect is using it or not.


How to tell

Run the following line of Windows PowerShell in an elevated Windows PowerShell window on the Windows Server with Azure AD Connect version, or above, that you’d want to know of if it uses the v2 Endpoint:

Get-ItemProperty 'HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ADSync\Parameters' | Select-Object AadConnector*ApiVersion


The output of the above line of Windows PowerShell is either empty (Azure AD Connect uses the V1 endpoint) or consists of two values in a table, indicating the AadConnectorExportApiVersion and AadConnectorImportApiVersion used by Azure AD Connect: 2

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