I’m co-presenting a session at Veeam LIVE


Veeam is organizing a global virtual conference on October 20th under title Veeam LIVE. There´s gonna be free registration for all attendees and agenda will be full of LIVE sessions with Veeam top experts and external hosts to provide attendees with real-time experience.

The data protection and management scene is shifting constantly. You may be asking:

  • How can I make my solution more efficient?
  • Where are the threats, where are my opportunities?
  • What new technologies do I need to keep pace with?
  • What are my best options to Backup my data to the cloud?

Veeam is defining the future of cloud data solutions and helping today’s businesses securely and reliably protect and easily recover their data. At Veeam Live, you will be offered data protection management guidance you can activate today. You’ll learn how to up your data protection game across your enterprise, connect with like-minded professionals, set the strategy right for your organization and be part of the future of Cloud Data Management.

Data protection is changing rapidly: Be on the edge of what’s next. Veeam Live will give you actionable Cloud Data Management guidance and help you propel your business forward. Learn about:

  • Hybrid Cloud
    Digital transformation is exciting,but challenging. Learn about the cloud-native landscape with sessions on Cloud Data Management™, the Modern Data Center and de-risking your operations.
  • Cyber Security
    The risk of data loss is ever-present and evolving, and business continuity is at stake. Prepare your organization with critical insight on ransomware, malware and disaster recovery.
  • Modern Data Protection
    Data drives everything. You need smart solutions to protect your most prized resource. Explore modern data protection from any environment, across any workload, to meet evolving demands.


Veeam Live will give you the tools you need to answer these questions and up your data protection game. Veeam will bring together deployment, key features and management best practices, helping you make better decisions and reach new levels of technical expertise and better business outcomes.

All online, ALL Live, all at your fingertips, and all in a single day on October 20th 2020 from 10AM to 3:30 PM Eastern Time.


About my presentation

Rick Vanover and I will present a 30-minute solution session filled with demos on:

Solution Overview: Application recovery with Veeam Explorers

Solution Overview: Application recovery with Veeam Explorers

October 20th, 2020, 2:35PM – 3:05PM EDT

Adapt your application recovery process to keep pace with the rapidly changing data protection landscape. Join Rick Vanover from Veeam and me for advice on application recovery with a Veeam Explorers solution overview.

In this session, you’ll learn how Veeam Explorers work for critical application recoveries. Whether it’s SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, Oracle or Office 365 data, Veeam has you covered.


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For every registered attendee Veeam donates 1 USD to Girlswhocode, supporting more women entering the engineering and IT world.

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