The video of my presentation at IT Pro|Dev Connections is now available

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IT Pro | Dev Connections

IT Pro|Dev Connections is a conference organized by the largest Greek communities for everyone in the Computer and Information Technology industry. The content focuses on products, technologies and services that are "hot" or up and coming and provide valuable knowledge to the participants.

On December 13th, 2020, I presented the following 50-minute session at the 2020 IT Pro | Dev Connections Greece conference:


Increasing the security of on premises Active Directory with Azure AD

Would you believe a networking infrastructure can become more secure by adding cloud to it? In this session, I share my real-world experiences with how Azure AD-based technologies make the on-premises environments of my customers more secure. Air-gapping and the accompanying immense challenges for updating, activating and monitoring for admins are truly referred back to the 80s in this session. I've met a lot of old-fashioned CISOs the last couple of years that truly believed air-gapping their environments and requiring multi-multi-multi-factor authentication for access off-premises was the way to go. In this session, I show how organizations can:

  •  Require multi-factor authentication only when needed because of risk
  • Get notified of leaked credentials
  • Ban bad passwords
  • Manage fragile Domain Controllers better
  • Get back on top of the millions of events that currently burden down their current SIEM solution

I've built a couple of exciting demos to showcase the strengths of Azure AD, Azure AD Connect Health and Azure Sentinel to really show the strength of Azure AD, even when your organization isn't looking for the typical benefits Azure AD brings.



Thank you to the Greek IT professional community, the Greek developers community, and their many sponsors for organizing the 2020 IT Pro | Dev Connections Greece conference and inviting me as a speaker.

Enjoy! Thumbs up

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