Introducing IT Bro’s: The New Dutch Microsoft-oriented IT Pro podcast

IT Bro's

This month, Raymond Comvalius and I are introducing a new initiative: the IT Bro’s podcast.

Our goal is to provide a weekly update to Dutch IT professionals who work with Microsoft products and technologies. We will be talking in Dutch primarily, but will switch to English when we have non-Dutch guests joining us.

Our focus is on helping our fellow IT Pros with tips, tricks, news and announcements that help them perform their jobs more effectively. Our topics range from Windows and Windows Server to Edge and Microsoft 365.

As Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs), we are in close contact with several product teams in Redmond and have befriended many familiar faces in the global Microsoft community.

We originate from two different communities originally. We often have different viewpoints on topics and know different people. We think this will make for appealing podcasts.


You’re invited!

We invite you to join our podcast adventure. We will announce new podcast episodes on with accompanying links. You can listen to us on Spotify and iTunes.

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