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On September 30th, 2021, I'll present a 50-minute session on common mistakes with Hybrid Identity at the second Cloud Identity Summit, organized by the Azure Bonn user group.

About the Cloud Identity Summit

The Cloud Identity Summit aims to bring together people from different areas of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and provide an open community platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas.

The Cloud Identity Summit focuses on Cloud Identity Management, various aspects such as identity protection, managing external accounts, passwordless and much more. The Cloud Identity Summit is a free event that focuses on the exchange between the participants. The group of participants is international and comes from different areas and industries.

After the first Cloud Identity Summit 2020, the feedback was very good and that encouraged Thomas Naunheim, Rene dé la Motte, Gregor Reimling and Melanie Eibl to organize an event in 2021, too. The second edition will take place again as an online conference on September 30, 2021.

The Cloud Identity Summit features three tracks:

  1. Lounge (14:00-21:00)
    In the Lounge track, you'll find the Welcome session and the sponsor session from Yubico. During the sessions in the other tracks, you can use the Lounge track to talk to the speakers and other attendees.
  2. Security (15:00-21:00)
    In the Security track, you'll find sessions from Paul Griffiths, Klaus Bierschenk, Eric Berg, Peter Lenzke and me. We'll be focusing on security aspects of Azure AD and Hybrid Identity implementations.
  3. Integration (15:00-21:00)
    In the Integration track, you'll find sessions from Nicki Borell, Sergey Chubarov, Christopher Brumm, Nestori Syynimaa, Dmitry Kulko, Keith Petty and Pinki Patel.


About my session

I'll present a 50-minute session on:

From the trenches: Eight common mistakes with Hybrid Identity

Do you wish a seasoned expert would tell you all the mistakes to avoid before you begin your Hybrid Identity journey with AD and Azure AD? Or do you need substantial, real-world proven tips for your current setup of Active Directory and Azure AD?

Then this session is for you!

When you link your on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) environment to Azure AD, you create the Hybrid Identity. Colleagues depend on a reliable, yet cost effective deployment of the technologies, trustworthy processes and it’s our jobs as IT Pros to make it happen.
This session covers the eight most common mistakes we see in the field in organizations that have deployed Hybrid Identity. Learn from their mistakes, whether you’ve already deployed Hybrid Identity and want to make your implementation more robust or holding off deploying Hybrid Identity to not step into these pitfalls.

Join us!

The Cloud Identity Summit is an online event for the safety of attendees and speakers. Presentations will be delivered over Microsoft Teams.

Registration is now open via the Azure Bonn Meetup Site. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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