I'm an Xcitium Most Valuable Professional

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Xcitium Most Valuable Professional

I'm proud to share that I've been named one of the 11 Xcitium Most Valuable Professionals worldwide.


About Xcitium MVPs

Xcitium Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are recognized as cybersecurity experts who exhibit exceptional technical expertise and a talent for both sharing their knowledge, and building communities. The Trusted Advisory MVP Council is a cohort of these honored cybersecurity experts who are available to share their knowledge and resources as thoughtful advisors.

An Xcitium MVP furthers awareness of Xcitium technologies, and helps the community at large to understand, build and engage in security solutions that defy and negate adversarial tradecraft.

Currently, there are 1o Xcitium MVPs, next to me:

  • Chaim Sanders
  • Raymond Comvalius
  • Osman Akagunduz
  • Grzegorz Tworek
  • George Dobrea
  • Dave Franklyn
  • Hakan Uzuner
  • Bekim Dauti
  • Gökhan Yüceler
  • Ahmed Nabil Mahmoud


About Xcitium

XcitiumXcitium's goal is to keep the internet safe for everyone. Xcitium developed patented-technology for finding, stopping, and isolating attackers
before they do damage.

The result is zero bad actors gaining access to Xcitium's customers' devices, networks, and services and stealing from them or causing damage to their organizations.

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