I'm co-presenting KNVI's 'Legacy to Modern' event

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On Wednesday October 25, 2023, I’m co-presenting at KNVI’s 'Legacy to Modern' event Dutch at ZiPPERZ in Rotterdam. Fellow speakers Raymond Comvalius and Erwin Derksen are my co-presenters for this Microsoft-inspired afternoon.


About KNVI

KNVIThe Dutch Professional Association of Information and IT Professionals (KNVI) is an independent platform for sharing professional knowledge and expanding the personal networks of ICT Pros, information professionals, students and employers who want to keep their employees up to date.

KNVI organizes multiple meetings per month, publishes AG Connect both online and in print, and offers discounts to its members.


'From Legacy to Modern'

Starting at 2PM, the 'Legacy to Modern' event Dutch offers:

2PM – 2:15PM Introduction

The afternoon is kicked off by KNVI's board and KNVI's Rotterdam chapter lead and KNVI board member Tom Dalderup.

2:15PM – 3PM Next Generation Identity Management

In this session, I share my insights into what the next generation of identity and access management (IAM) tools can bring to your organization. The field of IAM is being disrupted at an acelarating pace. This brings opportunities, if applied adequately.

3PM – 3:45PM Next Generation Device Management

In this session, Raymond Comvalius shares his insights in the next generation of device management. He shows how to deploy and manage devices more effectively.

4:15PM – 5PM How to bring it all together

After a 30-minute break, Erwin Derksen explains how to embrace the next generation identity and device management without compromising the existing infrastructure. For most organisations, this means they have to actively harden their Active Directory environments…

5PM – 5:30PM Questions and Answers

Agter Erwin's session, Raymond and I walk forward for the Q&A session, where attendees can ask all their identity and device related questions.

5:30PM – 6:30PM BBQ

From 17:30 onwards, at the SPiNNERZ rooftop, with its exceptional view over the Rotterdam skyline, you don’t want to miss a minute of the drinks drinks and BBQ KNVI offers to all attendees!


Join KNVI and the event!

It’s not too late to join KNVI Dutch.
This is a prerequisite to being able to attend this event.

Subscriptions to KNVI for students are a mere EUR 32,85 per year. Subscriptions for individuals start at EUR 109,50 per year for members aged 27 and below, for retirees and for unemployed people. Other individual subscriptions set you back EUR 182,50 per year. Organizational subscriptions are available upon request.

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