We're presenting at 2024's first Workplace Ninjas Netherlands meetup

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Workplace Ninjas Netherlands' first 2024 meetup

As the Dutch IT Bro's, Raymond Comvalius and I are in high demand for many events and communities to come present on identity, security, windows and devices in our typically hilarious way. A couple of weeks ago, Raymond received a message from the Dutch Workplace Ninja's to come present at their first 2024 meetup on February 27th, 2024.


About Workplace Ninjas Netherlands

Workplace Ninjas Netherlands (WPNinjasNL) is a user group, that was founded in February 2013 by IT Professionals with a passion for everything that has to do with managing Windows, but not limited to Windows. Their goal is to provide a platform for IT Professionals to share knowledge gained from the field and to share tips and tricks. They organize periodic physical meetups, virtual events, share blogs and share on other channels, too.

The Workplace Ninjas Netherlands were previously known as Windows Management User Group Netherlands (WMUGnl) and Raymond and I have presented with them under that name before.


About 2024's first WPNinjasNL meetup

2024's first in-person meetup of Workplace Ninjas Netherlands is sponsored by Pink Elephant and takes place at their offices in Naarden in the Netherlands on Tuesday February 27th, 2024.

As usual, the event is content packed with 3 sessions. To accommodate for this, Workplace Ninjas Netherlands opens the doors at Pink Elephant at 3:30 PM. Bob Cornelissen presents a 60-minute session on multi-cloud and hybrid monitoring with Azure Monitor, starting at 4 PM. At 5:05 PM, Remco Visser presents another 60-minute session on Microsoft Copilot for organizations and legal departments. At 6:05 dinner and drinks are served.


About our session

Raymond and I will present a 60-minute session on:

Ali Baba

Ali Baba and the Entra ID tokens: Script authentication with the Microsoft Graph

7 PM – 8 PM

As the AzureAD and MSOnline PowerShell modules get deprecated, we're adapting to accessing Entra ID using the Microsoft Graph. This session clarifies how to authenticate in new ways, focusing on App Registrations, Mg*-modules, tokens, and App Permissions. We'll debate the need for App Registrations, the advantages and drawbacks of secrets versus certificates or federated authentication, and the practicalities of these methods. Attendees learn about federated authentication's applicability, Mg*-modules' authentication compatibility, and the functionalities of access tokens.

We share our first-hand experiences in developing scripts for this new authentication framework. Join us to gain insights and practical skills for a smooth transition to scripting with the Microsoft Graph for Entra ID.


Join us!

After our session, drinks are served from 8 PM to 9PM, so there really is no reason not to join us. 😉

Workplace Ninjas Netherlands meetups are free to attend, but all presentations are delivered in Dutch.  Seats are limited, so sign up fast.

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