Entra Connect Sync v2.3.6.0 improves Automatic Upgrade eligibility detection

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Entra Connect Sync v2.1.15.0 was the first v2.x to be announced with Automatic Upgrades functionality, on July 6th 2022. However, Microsoft's support life cycle for Windows Server Operating Systems and .NET Framework versions would sometimes stand in the way of these upgrades. Entra Connect Sync v2.3.6.0 now comes with improvements in this area.


What’s New

Entra Connect Sync v2.3.6.0 offers a bug fix.

Improved Automatic Upgrade eligibility detection

Starting with Entra Connect Sync v2.3.6.0, Entra Connect Sync's Automatic Upgrade functionality will no longer retry if it detects the host does not meet the Operating System (OS) or .NET Framework requirements.

While this improvement limits automatic upgrades to unsupported configurations, it results in Entra Connect Sync installations on outdated and possibly vulnerable versions. I bet that not every Identity admin experiences this as an improvement…


Version information

Version of Entra Connect Sync (previously known as Azure AD Connect Sync) was made available for download only on February 21st, 2024.

You can download the latest version of Entra Connect Sync here.

Superseded versions

Past versions of Microsoft Entra Connect Sync 2.x are retired 12 months from the date they are superseded by a newer version. With Entra Connect Sync v2.3.6.0, Entra Connect Sync version and versions before are retired (superseded by Entra Connect Sync v2.1.20.0 on November 9th, 2022).

If you run a retired version of Microsoft Entra Connect, it might unexpectedly stop working.

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