Pictures of the Dutch Workplace Ninja's meetup at Pink Elephant

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Pink Elephant in Naarden, the Netherlands

Last week, Raymond Comvalius and I presented at the first 2024 meetup of the Workplace Ninjas Netherlands (WPNinjasNL).

While driving to the venue, I encountered Raymond in his variation of our favorite car:

Raymond driving to the venue in his Tesla Model 3

We arrived exactly on time to grab the last two parking spots at Pink Elephant's headquarters in Naarden, the Netherlands. We grabbed something to drink and enjoyed Bob Cornelissen's session on multi-cloud and hybrid monitoring with Azure Monitor, starting at 4 PM. At 5:05 PM, Remco Visser presented another 60-minute session on Microsoft Copilot for organizations and legal departments.

At 6:05 dinner and drinks were served.

At 7 PM, Raymond and I kicked off our 'Ali Baba and the Entra ID tokens: Script authentication with the Microsoft Graph' session for the first time before a live audience. We had spend time in designing the slides and demos, but had already run into some common errors (PowerShell 5.x vs. PowerShell 7.x) when preparing the demos.

During the session, we hit some other snags and ran way over our allotted 60 minutes. Attendees didn't have to leave early, so we ran until 7:25 PM, showing all the goodness that we had to offer.


Thank you!

Thank you to Peter, Kenneth and Sander from the Dutch Workplace Ninjas Community for organizing a successful event and inviting Raymond and me as speakers, to all my community friends and, of course, to all the people attending, sitting in on the session and, of course, the people with whom I had interesting discussions afterward.

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