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Disk Operations in Server Core

Sometimes a Windows disk encounters an error. Luckily it doesn't happen a lot. A Windows-equipped hard disk is bound to become fragmented. Bits and bytes are placed, deleted and moved across the drive and is in the end effectively bringing your beloved Server Core box to a standstill. In fact: after installation the drive is […]


About Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008

Microsoft announced the much anticipated Hyper-V Server Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) last week and they intend to launch the product in the coming thirty days. This Microsoft virtualization product is targeted at customers who want to benefit from Hyper-V, but want to keep their server environment a strict Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server or […]


The importance of Server Core

Server Core is an important piece of technology advancement for Microsoft. Although people tend to look at MinWin, Singularity and Midori for future versions of Windows, it's actually Server Core that will play an important role in Microsoft's infrastructure products for the coming couple of years.


(Manually) Updating Server Core

Last year I wrote on automatically updating your Server Core. While a lot of people valued the information in that post, the information was rather unsatisfactory on the subject of manually updating Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008. Now is the time to correct this apparent omission. Read on!


Remotely managing your Server Core using SSH

In the last few months I used my blog to post information on remotely managing your Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008 with numerous tools, including the Computer Management MMC Snap-Ins (compmgmt.msc), the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT), Remote Desktop Connection (using RDP) and Windows Remote Shell. Now it's time to go a little […]


RIP CoreConfigurator (as we know it)

Great tools are hard to find. Great free tools are even harder and when you do find them, the financial, legal or support situation surrounding them is often neglected, discarded or overseen. I'm sorry to see CoreConfigurator, the great free tool to configure Server Core installations of Windows Server 2008 meet this same faith.


4 methods to add Server Core RODCs to your environment

The Read-only Domain Controller is one of the new and most existing features of Windows Server 2008. So is Server Core. Combining these two features opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your Active Directory environment.


How To install Hyper-V RTM on Server Core

Whenever I hear Server Core and Hyper-V used in one sentence I get a big smile on my face. Here's how to install a freshly created Server Core installation with Hyper-V RTM in six easy to follow steps on your Server Core console


IT Herolympics resources

As some of you may recall I presented a one-hour session at Microsoft's Dutch Windows Server 2008 Launch Event, dubbed the IT Herolympics. This happened roughly three months ago. Microsoft put together some resources on my presentation, that are available to everyone with a Microsoft Live Passport.


My beef with CoreConfigurator

Guy Teverovsky is an Israeli Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), who blogs on the Israeli Microsoft Blogs website as WindowMaker. He is the author of CoreConfigurator.