PrintMig 3.1 is the short name for the tool that is better known as Microsofts 'Windows Server 2003 Print Migrator 3.1'. You can use this tool to backup and restore print server settings and printer settings in migration scenarios. This allows you to migrate printers within minutes, while preserving settings, like seperator pages, spool folder, ports, … Continue reading "PrintMig"

File Server Migration Toolkit

Migrating a File server is not a difficult task, but for some reason people think this is impossible within a production environment without impact and without cost. With Microsoft's File Server Migration Toolkit migration is a breeze, but it may not be the tool you want to use. I'll explain how to use the File Server Migration … Continue reading "File Server Migration Toolkit"

ADModify .net

After Carlos Magalhaes blogged about the way the DisplayName is automatically formatted in the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC Snap-in (dsa.msc or ADUC as Carlos refers to it) for new users I remembered the time a customer of mine wanted to have the Display names in de Global Address List (GAL) within Microsoft Exchange … Continue reading "ADModify .net"