So I am back – sort of ;)

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So I have been really scarce lately. Firstly I apologize I should have posted and let everyone know what has been happening and where I have been.

So a few things have been happening and they are in order:

  1. I have been deploying a large network including alot of our technologies – (AD, SMS, MOM, Exchange 2k7, MIIS, ISA 2006)
  2. I then did 6 sessions at Teched Africa 2006 the topics where (Longhorn (two sessions), GPO (two sessions), Windows Server 2003 R2 (two sessions)
  3. At the same time I am moving houses, my rent expires in the current location I am staying and have found a better and more suitable place for me.
  4. While I am moving I am flying off to Teched: IT Forum Barcelona where I will, together with the Longhorn product group be handling the Longhorn server ask the experts booth. If you are going to be at Teched: IT Forum Barcelona please pop in and say hi at the Longhorn server ATE booth. I am the short guy there 😉
  5. I have to move up my items from Cape Town to Johannesburg, I have not moved these up as I have been all over the country the entire year.

Things have been really hectic for me but they will be calming down after Teched: IT Forum Barcelona. Look out for some technical posts soon and thanks for the patience that you have shown.

Carlos Magalhaes