The current and New Year

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It was just over two years ago that I was chatting with Charles Carroll about starting a community blogging site. He always pushed me to run community sites and one of my first being the successful ADSI and Directory Services Programming group that I run, for that I am always thankful to Charles Carroll. Now we looking at two years gone past and DIRTEAM is a community blogging site that has some of the industry leading technical personalities blogging on the site.

One of the most prolific bloggers on DIRTEAM is Sander Berkouwer along with Jorge (an Directory Services MVP). These two bloggers have put in many hours and many excellent blogs. So much so that the average monthly traffic on the site is now fast reaching 32 000 hits as per Google Analytics. Whenever I talk at Teched or other events Dirteam blogs are a hot topic and its due to the fantastic bloggers we have on this site. Sander Berkouwer developed (with help of one of his web developer friends I believe) the new DIRTEAM blog skin.

Most of our readers use RSS feed so they don’t usually get to see the updated skin but I urge all that read the blogs to have a look at the magnificent work that Sander Berkouwer (and his mate) did. We all know community server is not the easiest engine to skin but he effectively created a skin that in my opinion is one of the best skins I have seen on a community server. I believe there are some adjustments in the pipeline to

We (Sander Berkouwer and I) are working on different things to make the DIRTEAM blogs more community friendly and have a section that you can “meet the bloggers” to add a personal touch to the blogging community keep tuned as the changes will be implemented in the new year.

For all our readers that are celebrating the festivities during this period of the year (Christmas and New Years) may you have a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with happiness and prosperity.

We at DIRTEAM are very proud to bring you all the technical information and new technology drill downs by our every growing expert panel. May your holidays be spent with your loved ones and may they get the attention that they deserve during this time!

From DIRTEAM – Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and stay tuned for more riveting entries next year