Reading Time: 2 minutes Well three years ago in a little Virgin active gym in little old Brakenfell in Cape Town I met this black guy, his name is Musa but he is affectionately known as Impie. We decided to gym together as we have the same gym goals and where gyming at the same time of the evening.

One reason why Kerberos delegation wont work.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Doing a lot of work with Kerberos delegation over the past few years and I have encountered many reasons why the delegation won’t work. One reasons so often not thought of or left out is duplicate SPN entries. Now I know its easy to say who would add a duplicate entry but when administrators get … Continue reading "One reason why Kerberos delegation wont work."

Working with ReplicationSchedule.RawSchedule

Reading Time: 2 minutes (System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ReplicationConnection.ReplicationSchedule.RawSchedule) This is an interesting property, you know the schedule screen you see in Site And Services  and which the new DFSR MMC will also have? Well this is how its built 🙂 ReplicationSchedule has a property called RawSchedule which is a Boolean datatype, but it’s a three dimentional array i.e. Boolean(,,) strange structure but … Continue reading "Working with ReplicationSchedule.RawSchedule"