First snow this year

Just few days ago I posted few pictures taken in Warsaw in sunny day. Below is a photo taken on this Sunday morning from my flat window.     Ladies and gentleman Her Majesty Winter has arrived (not for long at this time, as rain washed this snow very quickly).

Linked Value Replication – what's this about

Hmm … first the question? How many of readers is aware of Linked Value Replication (LVR) in Active Directory? If what I think about readers of this blog is true probably majority of readers is very aware what this is and how it works. At the end I don't have any survey site to perform such … Continue reading "Linked Value Replication – what's this about"

Microsoft and Novell are announcing cooperation on SUSE Linux

At this very moment Microsoft and Novell are announcing agreement both companies made on supporting SUSE Linux and Open Source technology in terms of interoperability. Details of this agreement are being announced but it looks like Microsoft and Novell will work together on: providing interoperability between Linux and MS systems providing support for Novell Linux … Continue reading "Microsoft and Novell are announcing cooperation on SUSE Linux"

Identity Metasystem whitepaper

I'm just catching up with my RSS feeds after few days being off-line (failed power supply may be very troublesome) and I found interesting link at Kim's Cameron blog. Kim is presenting Microsoft Whitepaper titled The Identity Metasystem: Towards a Privacy-Compliant Solution to the Challenges of Digital Identity which is about Identity Metasystem, InfoCards and … Continue reading "Identity Metasystem whitepaper"