Active Directory Operations Guide

For those who missed this new download – Microsoft had released new AD realted document. Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Operations Guide is a refreshed version of comprehensive guide through most of AD related tasks which may be required in AD environment. Must have document for every person who is taking care about Active Directory.

Extending the schema – notes from the field

Now … the day had come, your forest schema has to be extended with some new attributes and classes. You are sweating, You are feeling dizziness (…) my goosh, my precious schema (…). That’s the case with many people – need to extend the Active Directory schema makes them ill or in best case not … Continue reading "Extending the schema – notes from the field"

TechDays 2006

We will be hosting TechDays on a regular basis from now on as an effort to transfer technical knowledge to the industry for free. There will be loads of community emphasis at TechDays as we try to encourage our communities to participate in the world wide phenomenon of free knowledge transfer.