Pictures of ITPROceed 2015

Yesterday, I presented a session on ITPROceed 2015, the event that was known as the Belgian Community Day and has been renamed to ITPROceed last year. This year, I was invited as a speaker to present a 50-minute session on Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) on Belgium’s largest IT Community event.

Today, as I’m looking back at ITPROceed 2015, I’m sharing the pictures I took yesterday and the photos that people took of me:

Adnan Hendricks and I on our way from the Netherlands to Belgium (click for larger photo, shot by Adnan Hendricks)
Goodmorning, Utopolis Mechelen! (click for original photo)
Awesome speaker shirts! (click for original photo)
Putting the finishing touches on our presentation in the (VIP) speaker room (click for larger photo)Checking out room 5 and walking into Didier and Kurt (click for original photo)
Title Slide for my presentation at ITPROceed (click for larger version)My audience as I started the session. (click for larger photo)Explaining claims (click for larger photo, shot by Kenny Buntinx)
Delivering a session in a Cinema, always good fun! (click for larger photo)
Driving off into the sunset (click for larger photo)

I had a really great time and looking forward to ITPROceed 2016!
(scheduled for june 9, 2016)

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